What Happens When You Support The DREAM Act?

You get attacked, of course.

Thankfully some very intelligent commenters give us a more thoughtful perspective..

OUR TAKE What’s Cindy Carlisle thinking? – Colorado Daily

This week, CU Regent and Colorado Senate candidate Cindy Carlisle dropped a small bombshell in the midst of an otherwise bland Senate District 18 campaign: if elected, she said, she would introduce a bill allowing undocumented students the opportunity to attend college — with conditions attached — at in-state tuition rates.
It’s a heartwarming story to be sure, but it doesn’t reflect the real challenges of the bill Carlisle said she will propose. Not only would any such legislation be unfair to U.S. citizens, but also to legal immigrants who have to jump through all sorts of hoops to enter this country and stay here for any length of time. Why allow undocumented immigrants the opportunity to jump ahead in line?

This “take” went on to describe Cindy as a loony and made the claim that helping migrant children equals hurting the children of American citizens.

This comment goes after the article’s claim that children from outside a state should have preferential treatment to migrant children who have lived in a state and want to attend college there:

The difference between the person from Kansas and the person who is undocumented is that the person from Kansas has never paid a dime in property tax in Colorado.

Education in the US is funded by property tax. Anyone living here for the required amount of time, whether they rent or own, has paid property tax. That’s why it’s called “in-state tuition”, because you’ve lived in the state and either you or your parents have been paying property tax.

Another commenter states:

If the declining fortunes of the Colorado Daily atop that of most newspapers needs attention, you might study this ill-informed, reactionary, and prejudicial editorial for the reason. Carlisle is again presented as an airheaded yet somehow cynical Boulder politico clawing by somehow. In reality, no politician of the last quarter century has more accurately reflected Boulder’s feelings, been more aggressive in promoting them, done more to see them accomplished and defended. She’s nearly always correct.


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