College access for aliens debated – Daily Record

It makes little sense to me to deny college to children simply because they’re undocumented. Let’s give them a chance at becoming stronger and better educated members of our society. Why not allow these students to contribute to finding solutions in this issue of immigration? With educated minds involved we can certainly find better ways to handle the socio-economic issues than “deport” or “attrition through enforcement.” How anyone can think we’ll be better off denying education is beyond me.

College access for aliens debated – Daily Record

Felipe Vargas always expected to go to college with his friends.

He said he gets good grades at Morristown High School, where he’s a sophomore and the host of a student radio show. He wants to study art in college, perhaps to become a teacher.

But while he’s lived in New Jersey much of his life, coming to America when he was 10, he doesn’t have legal status. That means he may not be able to continue his education after high school because he doesn’t qualify for any of the financial breaks he would need.

Rather than looking for compassionate solutions Richard Merkt says “no school for you!”

“In a state such as New Jersey where we don’t have enough college seats for our residents, I cannot see why we should occupy some of those seats with students who are not here legally,” Merkt said.

New Jersey has the highest high school graduation rate. Many of the graduates are certainly undocumented migrants. So while they’re used in these statistics they’re all but forgotten after they graduate.

The nation’s best high-school graduation rate: New Jersey public schools have the highest graduation rate in the nation, according to “Diplomas Count 2008,” a report by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. The graduation rate (defined as the percentage of ninth graders graduating on time four years later) is 82.8% in New Jersey, and 71% for the national average. (Source: Education Week) (link to quote)


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