Products Over People: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

83% Blame Government for ‘Illegal Immigration’ not Immigrants at a Dream Deferred.

Bringing Integrity to our Immigration System

The day after Senator Robert Menendez gave his speech on immigration, ICE arrested another 42 people in Rhode Island. As the ICE spokesman stated in the press release – they are committed to restoring integrity” — does that mean they will start using warrants instead of breaking down doors?

In Ever think about Resistance? Dream Act Texas shows how France is honoring its heroes. Also read NY Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Immigrant Artists and in Art as Resistance we have a conceptual artist who wears a banana suit to show how goods get preferential treatment over human beings while in Bicameral Helsinki Commission writes to Chertoff we have a group demanding to know why detainees are drugged while in ICE’s custody.


The Cato Institute’s Jim Harper has been effectively challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s assertion that the false positive rate with the E-Verify program is negligible.

America Evolves “Multi-Racially” and America asks: “Is Barack Obama black or multi-racial?” at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Barbara Lee Lashes Out at ICE at Immigration Prof Blog.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee has been a tremendous leader, advocating for progressive immigration reform and fair and humane enforcement.

Also A Different View of the Wall


Whether the construction of the border wall will be finished at the end of this administration is still unknown, but one fact that has a large degree of certainty is the profound damage already made by Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol officials to the public debate on issues concerning the rights and opinions of border residents.

In Georgia’s Immigration Law Remains Controversial we read “Two years later, the only thing all sides of the debate over Georgia’s unilateral crackdown agree on is they don’t like how the law is playing out.”

Large number of Mexico’s fathers are between the ages of 15-24 at Latina Lista. Responsible fathers do what’s necessary to take care of their children. While many lament on absentee fathers in the U.S. they vilify those that seek to provide for their families – all because of an imaginary line.

Immigrant Detainee, Activists Launch Hunger Strike, Vigils to Protest ICE Abuses at Of América on a hunger strike and vigil that took place this Saturday. And yesterday was Che Guevara’s birthday – read Lost Your Hope to the Sea of Obamamania? Remember…It’s Che’s B-Day!

At Vivir Latino read Latina Teacher Fired for Teaching Students “How to Protest” and being “too Afro-centric”.

I had to go outside my school system to learn about Puerto Rican history, activism and coalition building when I was about 17 years old. Now a Los Angeles English teacher is being told that her contract will not be renewed (aka “you’re fired”) not because she is a bad teacher but rather because she’s attempting to make the lessons relevant to her students.


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