Night Of 1,000 Conversations: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Read Border Thinking – Laura Agustín at Immigratin Prof Blog. Also Commentary on the Boumediene Ruling and Local Police Involvement in the Postville Raids?

Local sources take issue with this characterization and are suggesting to me that the involvement was overstated, and that, in fact, police had little input and little prior knowledge of what was to take place that day.

With more on the Postville raids read From a teacher at Postville, IA On the Raids. June 19: Night of 1,000 Conversations – find the conversation near you and speak up for migrants.

Idaho Supreme Court: Residency not determined by Undocumented status at A Dream Deferred.

Another Side to the Border Wall at Standing FIRM. In Another Elected Official Speaking Out against ICE Barbara Lee joins others in speaking out against ICE. Also read E-verify Numbers Just Don’t Add Up.

Check out yave’s post at DMI BlogScapegoating Non-citizens Produces Few Measurable National Security Gains. Innocent people held at Guantanamo and non-citizens are treated as threats to the rest of us in order to fuel, promote and justify a politically motivated attack. I see real solutions being side-stepped in order to get the hateful instant gratification of cruel enforcement.

Solidarity with Workers Who Don’t Have Papers at Dream Act Texas. As globalization becomes a growing trend it is important that workers around the world unite to ensure they are treated fairly.

The Lies, Distortions and Fabrications of F.A.I.R. at Eristic Ragemail.


The crux of the case is that when someone is in deportation proceeding and accepts a voluntary departure, they can now, under the Supreme Court ruling, seek to withdraw the motion for voluntary departure if they make the request before the departure date.

At Immigrants in the USA Blog read Our position: Central Florida’s increasing diversity will add to its richness, Focus is on people, not political debate (“This new museum in San Diego is dedicated to immigration and immigrants. Similar to the museum on Ellis Island.”), Immigrants Turn to Farm Work Amid Building Bust and something I don’t think you’ll find celebrated on any anti sites 1,080 immigrants now U.S. citizens.

Daily Headlines: June 17, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.


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