“Operation Open Season”: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

The Minutemen see the removal of the National Guard from the border as “open season” for undocumented migrants. Therefore they’re calling for more rogue bands of gun wielding extremists to join in the “pride” of protecting the border. Strangely I don’t feel any safer.

Breaking News! Minutemen Vigilantes Declare “Operation Open Season!” at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Does marriage determine level of assimilation? at DMI Blog.

Lots has been said about assimilation and whether or not today’s immigrants are assimilating. A recent report published by the Manhattan Institute offers an inadequate approach to analyze the assimilation of the U.S. immigrant population. To discuss this further, I recently wrote an op-ed that was published by El Diario last Thursday.

Abandoned two-year-old is the poster child for immigration debate at Latina Lista.

With so much trauma and stress happening to these undocumented families, children witness it and internalize it. There’s not much for them to be happy about in their young childhoods. If the case of Martin is true, some will no doubt pat themselves on the back for an immigration enforcement policy that seems to be working.

At Dream Act Texas read the recent article in New Jersey’s Daily Record titled College access for aliens debated.


A Tale of Two Borders at Migra Matters. Read about the ignored northern border with Canada. I’m sure terrorists see the lack of attention being paid to it.

But it has always gone without saying that the border that needed to be controlled has been the one to the south. Rarely, if ever, has the northern border been mentioned in most border security screeds.

Day laborers plan community service, hoping to help image at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Senator Menendez on the raids before Senate, GAO Report on Border Crossing, Proposed Rule on BIA Decision-Making and Global Refugee Population Soars to 11.4 Million. “The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to a soaring global refugee crisis.”

At Just News Blog Janitors reinstated by appeals court.

“A federal appeals court ordered reinstatement Monday for 33 janitors in Los Angeles who were fired because their Social Security numbers did not match the government’s database, a ruling that could strengthen unions’ case against a Bush administration proposal to pressure employers to get rid of suspected illegal immigrants.

Secure and Safe Detention and Asylum Act Reintroduced; Opportunity to Fix Shameful Detention System at NIJC Blog.

More Illegal Crossings Are Criminal Cases, Group Says at Nuestra Voice.

What Obama and McCain Can Learn From Evo Morales About Immigration – and Leadership at Of América. Check out this wonderful post. I’ll leave the following quote from Morales’ letter the the EU:

Europeans arrived en masse to Latin and North America, without visas or conditions imposed on them by the authorities. They were simply welcomed, and continue to be, in our American continent, which absorbed at that time the European economic misery and political crisis. They came to our continent to exploit the natural wealth and to transfer it to Europe, with a high cost for the original populations in America. As is the case of our Cerro Rico de Potosi and its fabulous silver mines that gave monetary mass to the European continent from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The people, the wealth and the rights of the migrant Europeans were always respected.

Deportation of parent leaves family in pain at Pro Inmigrant.

Eleven-year-old Fanta Fofana spoke barely above a whisper as she described the day immigration officers burst into her Bronx apartment and took her dad.

In Stop the Deportation of ‘Tara Aryan’ from U.K. we have the terrible story of a refugee who faces death if deported back to Iran. Also read Immigration appeals board upholds deportation order for former Nazi guard and Lou Dobbs reported his madness, fear and bigotry against Mexico and Mexicans.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Color in Your Cheeks at Smart Borders.

My heart went out to a woman who was calling about her husband’s file, a husband she has not seen for two years since he was forced to leave the country. I thumbed through thousands of files, thousands of lives and stories and situations, thousands of big dreams and tiny legalities.

Scapegoating Non-citizens Produces Few Measurable National Security Gains at Standing FIRM. Also read ACTION: Night of 1,000 Conversations – this Thursday! and Immigration Backlogs Put Lives on Hold.

At T Don Hutto Blog read Barbara Hines: New ICE family detention centers a step in wrong direction. Also watch May 24th vigil YouTube footage from San Antonio Current and read Women’s Commission Calls on ICE to Follow Congressional Directives on Family Detention.

At The Latin Americanist read Daily Headlines: June 18, 2008 and Argentina unveils Guevara tribute.

At Vivir Latino read Police Officer Found Not Guilty of Killing Homeless Guatemalan Immigrant. I guess the only thing worse than being undocumented is being undocumented and homeless. Certainly you’re no longer a human being.

Racist Nation: Loser Nation at Wild Chihuahuas. The immigration hysteria created by nativist groups is the perfect breeding ground for a loss of rights for us all – but don’t worry we’ll all be safe.


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