Night of 1,000 Conversations

I attended the Night of 1,000 Conversations event at the Tenement Museum in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I am very glad that I took the time to go. (for those that were there here is a link to the booklet on children in detention that Gouri passed around.)

Gouri Sadhwani , Julie Dinnerstein, Angela Lee and Warren Joseph were so gracious to take the time to speak to us all. Both Angela and Julie were very knowledgeable and passionate while Warren was all these things and brave as well.

Warren was a veteran of the Gulf War who was detained after 9/11. Apparently the government decided a man that had risked his life for this country was now a threat. Warren told us of his three year stay in detention which is just a nice word for jail. He was literally kept in a jail with convicts even though he had fought for this country. But I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone in a country that barely cares for veterans that are citizens when they enlist.

I learned a few things tonight including the fact that every U.S. resident has to enlist for the draft regardless of citizenship status. A failure to do so is a deportable offense. Something else I should have realized is that our representatives represent everyone in their community – even those that are here without documentation.

Going to this event gave me much to think about which I’ll expand on later. For now I just want to say thank you to those that hosted and held the event. There are people that care about other people. There was no hate speech, vilification or anger – only an attempt to foster communication and solutions.


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