Congratulations!: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Congratulations to Man Eegee for being selected in the DFA scholarship competition. Well deserved!

Netroots Nation Bound thanks to DfA at Latino Politico.

“These are lives we’re talking about … Human beings” at Migra Matters. Watch the Breakthrough video “Death By Detention.”

Happy Juneteenth 2008!!! at Para Justicia y Libertad. Yesterday was Juneteenth – take a minute to read this great post.

Amy Traub on WBAI this morning. DMI Blog also brings us Healthcare Equity Must be a Central Focus of Reform.

Attorney Referral Site for Spanish Speakers at Vivir Latino.

Legal Match, an online attorney referral website that has begun the process of translating a few of the 4,000 pages on its legal matching website into Spanish with the goal of targeting Spanish speaking Latinos searching for legal advice, especially for immigration issues.

In the post Put Your Money Where Your Racism Is we see a dollar stamped (which means someone took the time to have a stamp made) stating “Let’s keep the ‘White House’ white!” Also read Mexico to World Court: U.S. Must Halt Executions.

The Guantanimazation of Immigrant Detention at Standing FIRM. Also read about artists working in this movement in Immigrant Art – Building Community.

Prison Nation at Immigration Prof Blog.

As of Dec. 31, 2006, the U.S. prison population stood at 2,258,983 ahead of #2 China and #3 Russian Federation. Expect the U.S. to stay at Number 1 for a while.

Also read The Immigration Policy Center Issues a Press Release in Support of Educating Immigrant Youths, Oregon’s Attack on Bi-Lingual Ed on a Prop 227 style proposal being put on the ballot – and EU Adopts Return Directive.

Read And it’s dangerous at Dream Act Texas on immigrats dying on the job. In Shame on you for not being multi-lingual we find that most Americans are not multi-linual while most foreigners are. Of course many Americans hardly have a grasp of one language. So when a visitor comes to the U.S. we expect them to speak English and when we visit other countries we expect them to speak English. Seems a little odd.

FAIR Head John Tanton Discloses Racist Plan at Eristic Ragemail.

Educating aliens best choice for all parties at Generation 1.5.


Study abroad can do students a world of good at Immigrants in the USA. Also read Newton’s English Language Learners live between two cultures and New life worked out fine for Bela and Marta Karolyi – “An interesting story about Bela Karolyi defecting to the US and going on to become a well known Olympic gymnastics coach.”

The clock is ticking — Latinos wait to be included in Obama’s campaign at Latina Lista.

Listen to the World Court: Texas Should Honor the Nation and its Neighbor at Mexico Trucker. Also read Go South For Cheap Gas?

Watch Detention In America at Pro Inmigrant. Also Immigrants Sedated Without Medical Reason and SEAL THE BORDER; KNOW YOUR ENEMY ON DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Obama meets with Congressional Hispanic Caucus at The Latin Americanist.

Films for Thought Series at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights.

Our little Morristown screening collected donations for the Postville community, which is still reeling from the May raid. It will take a long time for this town to recover. If you would like to help out, please send donations (click link to get the address.)

T Don Hutto: Women’s Commission Calls on ICE to Follow Congressional Directives on Family Detention at Wild Chihuahuas. Also read Basha’s “Family Values” To Be Aired Before House Committee and Basha’s Spotlighted in Hill Testimony on Unsafe Working Conditions.


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