Racism In The 50th State

Sadly racism is hiding everyone and only needs a good excuse to sneak pop its head out of the shell. What’s sad is when it appears in a community that you normally wouldn’t think it exists such as Hawaii.

“Wetback,” in Hawaii? – La Prensa
By Daniel Muñoz

“Wetback,” a term that is archaic and used only when intended to insult persons of Mexican ancestry has shattered the tranquil and paradise image of the Hawaiian island. Hawaii, which to date had not been drawn into the volatile immigration debate has now been plunged into the issue when Honolulu City Councilman Rod Tam used the term “wetback” not once, but twice during a public meeting.

One doesn’t generally think of racism when they think of the popular vacation spot, but apparently it’s nothing new.

Beginning in the late 1960’s with the INS./Border Patrol, San Diego Sheriff John Duffy, Chief of Police Ray Hoobler, County Supervisor, Susan Golding, who blamed immigrant for the rise in crime, and past CA Governor Pete Wilson who scapegoat the Hispanic community in his run for President.

Marie Villa who edits the Hawaiian Hispanic News and is president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce received hate mail after expressing her discontent.

For Villa the issue turned particularly nasty when she received a hate letter in her mailbox. “In my 19 years as a Hawaiian resident and as editor, this was the first piece of racist hate mail I had ever received. The amount of venom and hatred for Mexican people expressed in this letter is incomprehensible and overwhelming.”


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