Tanton’s Not So Pretty Hate Machine: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

One of our fellow bloggers, P.M. Corn, over at Mexico Trucker lost his granddaughter shortly after her birth. I want to express my condolences and provide the link to his post Taking a Break in honor of our Granddaughter.

Drowning or Murder? at Dream Act Texas on allegations that the Moroccan Navy sank a boat full of migrants causing them to drown. Trading Oil for Immigration we learn that Chavez is threatening the E.U. on their immigration policies. And yesterday was World Refugee Day.

John Tanton’s Network of Hate: How A Small Group of the Wealthy founded the Contemporary Nativist Wave at Eristic Ragemail. Many of these so called think-tanks and other organizations often have money trails leading back to one or a few people.

Contrary to Lou Dobbs, and other cable-TV hate-mongers, the current nativist wave is not an organic movement of Americans “fed up illegal immigration.” The better part of the current nativist movement was orchestrated by a retired Michigan ophthalmologist by the name of John Tanton and a small group of wealthy donors. Starting in 1979.

Watch Nezua’s Street Team video at The Unapologetic American titled Brutal Questions (MTV Vlog June 20, 2008) where we learn of another barbaric tazing in Eugene.


Watch Today’s Video: Junot Diaz humbles Stephen Colbert at The Latin Americanist. When Colbert asks Junot to describes his migration to the U.S. he says “be careful Lou Dobbs may be watching.” Gotta love Stephen. He also jokes that Junot took a Pulitzer from an American writer saying it’s a job an American would have wanted to do.

Breaking News! Agriprocessors – Exploitation Central – Hires Texas Latino Homeless to Backfill Postfill Jobs!!! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Also read BREAKING NEWS: Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 11: McCain Woos Latino Voters Like his Last Secret Mistress!!

English-Only Movement Momentum at Immigration Prof Blog.

USA reports that English as an official language has gained momentum as proponents keep going to the ballot box with measures that discourage bilingual ballots, notices and documents.

Also Open Border Conservatives Speak Out on Republicans who favor more immigration, in Filipino Veterans Equity Act do you part to ensure Filipino WWII veterans regain their veteran status, Questionable Prospects of Arizona’s Employer Sanctions Law in the 9th Circuit and McCain “Pandering” to Latinos on Immigration?

Read How Do You Say Justice in Mixteco? at Just News. In this terrible story we read of a family who had to watch as their home was destroyed by a forklift with all their possessions still inside..

CRLA eventually won a settlement, providing some compensation for destroyed belongings, rent abatement, withheld security deposits and emotional suffering. The incident illustrates the ongoing need for legal services for some of the state’s poorest families.

Check out Pro Inmigrant for some videos on the new white supremacist movement.

Read U.S. immigration courts declare 13-year-old must be separated from his only parent and deported back to El Salvador alone at Latina Lista.

At Nuestra Voice McCain Promises Immigration Reform.

In Arizona Delegation’s FISA Vote Latino Politico shows the breakdown of votes to allow our government more power to spy on us. Go to Govtrack.us and see how your representative voted. My representative Nydia Velazquez voted nay, but the aye’s won.

It would also allow them to conduct emergency wiretaps without court orders on American targets for a week if it is determined that important national security information would otherwise be lost.

I don’t know how our government believes this is in our own best interest. These new “rights” of the government which usurp on our rights will surely be abused at will.

Some war facts in Here’s Another BS Detector at Wild Chihuahuas.

And News Digest – June 19, 2008 at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights.

Vivir Latino brings us The Allied Media Conference, Mexico City Limits Car Use on Weekends and EU to Open Up Dialogue with Cuba.


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