My Little Lou Dobbs Comment

Many people label Lou Dobbs a hatest and a fear monger while others (including him) claim this is untrue. Elsewhere on the web I had been asked to back up my assertions on Dobbs (though I haven’t really written about him here) so I’m going to post my comment.

I’m sure if someone wanted to poor through the transcripts on CNN they could find many more, but I just used Friday’s show as an example.

As far as my feelings on Dobbs – I believe he’s a very negative person. Isn’t his show all about pointing out ‘problems’ and then finding the person to blame for them?

Tell me about Friday’s show where he had Rosanna Polido of the Minutemen on his show. He introduces her as a Republican of Hispanic origin, but does not mention her involvement with the minutemen. Isn’t here involvement with that group important as he implies that she speaks for all Republicans that are Hispanic yet the truth is she’s involved in a group that scouts the border with rifles while not taking two seconds to actually find a solution to this issue.

In this show they then get into McCain stating Spanish was the first language spoken in Arizona which I find hard to believe. I’m sure what he said was that Spanish was spoken before English in that state as we all fully understand that Spanish is not an indigenous language to this part of the world. So what we see here is the Dobbs program seeking to make McCain look ridiculous and to devalue his message.

Here’s another example from the same show. Though we’ll see that Dobb’s is not an outright hateful person – he knows how to play the game so he seduces his audience with language that creates the hatred.

At the beginning of the show he states:
“DOBBS: New challenges tonight for local governments and private citizens trying to secure our border with Mexico. A job the federal government has failed to do. There is evidence that illegal aliens have broken through two layers of border fence and stolen equipment used to build, you guessed it, the border fence.”

But when this story comes up what we learn is not that the materials to build the fence were stolen, but supposedly a radio and batteries. Are they building the fence with used electronics like some spacecraft from The Explorers? Maybe E.T. needed the radio to attach to his Speak and Spell.

Here’s the excerpt from Dobb’s show: “Footprints show someone crossed the border by crawling under a hole beneath the government’s fence. Then they stole batteries and a radio from the heavy equipment and took them into Mexico. Here a National Guardsman and a mechanic inspect then repair the damage. The private fence was also fixed.”

Next Dobb’s starts name calling, but I like this reference because it’s true that animals will not be able to cross the fence which is just one example of the environmental problems the fence creates.

Dobbs: “DOBBS: Right. Let’s be very clear about what we are talking about here. Because that fence would barely keep out a coyote, and by that I meant the four-legged kind.” (LAUGHTER)

I know it’s so funny to think of people dying trying to get into the United States. Let’s all make jokes rather than actually use compassion to come up with solutions.

Same show, another example:

Because Bloomberg made a comment on Dobb’s immigration rhetoric he make the evening’s poll out as a Bloomberg bash:

“Well our poll tonight, the question is: Do you believe Mayor Bloomberg should spend his time fixing public schools and potholes in New York rather than boosting Senator Obama, for example, in Florida? We’d like to hear from you. Yes or no. Cast your vote at, we’ll have those results here, later.”

He also dismisses the mayor’s comments and gives him a “pass” because he’s in a good mood. Truly does he ever actually bring facts to the table to remove himself from such allegations or is it enough for his audience that he simply say that he’s being attacked. Of course it is necessary for Dobb’s to ensure he is not seen as a hateful person as all of his audience does not consist of extremists.

If the comment by John Riley, who Dobb’s quotes as saying that he is against legal and illegal immigration, is false then shouldn’t Dobb’s go after him for slander? Well the truth his he probably couldn’t do that because Riley probably has some evidence that Dobb’s did in fact do as claimed. However, Dobb’s doesn’t need to give his audience proof he simply needs to deny the claim and that suffices as proof enough.


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