Gayle Harrell: Florida’s Answer to Lou Barletta

Open Letter to Team America:

Team America,

Nice name. What I like most is it implies a solidarity that does not exist. If so many were on your team Tancredo would have been nominated. I guess those of us with different opinions are on Team Anti-America.

With that said do you mind pointing to where I advocate open borders in my blog? Do you always give canned and uninformed information to your “team” against those that don’t agree with you? You’re obviously not going to read through my blog and I wouldn’t expect you to so let me quote from a post a wrote last October:

Then there’s those on the far left that do support more immigration and/or a method for which illegal immigrants can become citizens are often called traitors. Though I would be grouped into this category by some the truth is I don’t support open borders, but I do support a stringent program through which illegal immigrants can become citizens. I basically support any humane, civilized, and compassionate solution.”

Well your desire to push callous misinformation shouldn’t surprise me as I don’t consider social responsibility a strong suite from your camp. I mean how sick is it to disallow other human beings health care?



Original Post: Gayle Harrell claims she’s not anti-Hispanic she’s just anti-“illegal”. Well, I guess Harrell needs to be reminded that the term “illegal” is a construct of the worst of the anti-migrant movement. So embraces their rhetoric isn’t going to help her distance herself from them.

Though she claims to be anti-“illegal” and not anti-Hispanic she did stand outside a day labor center comprised of Hispanic workers demanding that it be shut down. Read about the center Gayle wants to shut down – The El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center. In here speech at the El Sol center to rally for Bill 821 Gayle stated:

We must do everything possible to deal with this problem so that our legal citizens get jobs and can go to school.

I find this quite irresponsible as it asserts that kids cannot even go to school because of the problem and no jobs are available. Here is my post about this rally where I query to find there are jobs in Jupiter where the rally was held.

Demonstrators at the Capitol said she was anti-Hispanic.
“I’m anti-illegal,” she firmly retorted, although she agrees that some xenophobes crouch behind the term anti-illegal as a racial code word.

Harrell Makes Illegal Aliens A Top Priority – Tampa Bay Online
By Gary Pinnell | Highlands Today
Published: May 28, 2008

AVON PARK — She would have supported the 2006 Avon Park housing ordinance. She advocates English only for government signs and ballots. And she would require all illegal aliens to return to their country. But she’s not anti-Hispanic.


4 thoughts on “Gayle Harrell: Florida’s Answer to Lou Barletta”

  1. Good luck Gayle, if rule of law loses to mob rule in FL please come to Mexichusetts, we need you here! And while on this article’s page, check out the lieberal pickpockets’ respect for law and order on the left column.

  2. If we’re labeling states with new migrants per those migrant’s country of origin how did we get to Massachusetts? Your racist comments are unwelcome and you probably more in need of a hug than a politician that will push out migrants.

  3. This racist from Massachusetts needs an education. Not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Only about 80% of them come from Mexico. Most of the rest come from Central and South America and from Asia. Not that it matters where they come from because I report all of them when they tell me that they are illegal. Many of them tell me so because I know them personally and I’m friends with many of them and speak their native language. None of them ever got deported so it seems that the problem is not the illegal immigrants but our government. Stop blaming these lawbreakers for violating the law. It’s not their fault that the government doesn’t punish the employers for cheating on payroll taxes, workers comp and unemployment insurance. It’s not their fault that the government picks and chooses which laws it wants to enforce and which ones it wants to ignore.

    They’re just poor people who want to work here for five years under the table and save money to buy two houses in their country and then move back to live off of the money they sent there in savings over the years. At least that’s what they tell me (usually in their native language).

  4. Wow, you can speak that many languages?

    Thanks for the information. Now I understand that undocumented migrants are actually wealthy men and women who come here to pad their huge estates back home. It’s all making sense now. Those images of abject poverty are probably concocted by our government so we don’t become jealous of the vast fortunes and lifestyles of those in other countries.

    For those visiting here from Team America, welcome. I’m sure you’re proud of Tancredo and Buchanan for demeaning my short yet thoughtful comment with a snipe snippet claiming I’m for open borders which is not true.

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