The Real Grassroots Movement: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

First up is the video The Debate Over Instate-Tuition – Challenges and Affirmation Part 1 at A Dream Deferred. I think the people at the L.A. Times should watch this to see what a real grass roots movement looks like. Here we have hundreds of students rallying together to support one another. This is the America I want to live in where people help one another. Support these DREAMers.
Another must read article at Smart Borders: The State of Immigration.

Beyond these self-produced immigration patterns caused by our nation’s myriad “conflicts” (read invasions) over the past 40 years including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Somalia, our nation is simultaneously attempting to address the ongoing issue of illegal migration by erecting a $30-billion border wall.

Eugenics and Nativism: Joined at the Hip at Eristic Ragemail. Read this article which talks about eugenics in Nazism and the Pioneer Fund which supports eugenics and helped fund John Tanton’s FAIR.

At Greg Siskind’s Blog we have SUPREME REFUSES TO BLOCK FENCE. This story really upset me yesterday as the idea of this fence just makes me more and more livid. I can see the day when the next generations will look at us and say ‘what were you thinking?’ In A FACE TO PUT WITH THE HIV BAN we learn of a waiver set to expire soon allowing HIV positive people to enter and stay in this country.

At Immigrants in the USA Blog read When teachers become the pupils – “This class is held every Friday after school. The teacher is an 11 year old immigrant, teaching basic Spanish to the teachers in her school. DP” Also read Muslim Americans rich in diversity.

State and Local Round-up at Standing FIRM.

Read Hutto Resolution Passes State Resolution Committee (Dem. Party) and Locked and Loaded: CCA, the private jailer and one of Nashville’s richest companies, is facing heightened scrutiny.

In Iron justice at Immigration Equality Blog we staggering numbers for incarceration in the United States. There’s obviously a problem when we have the highest incarceration rate of any nation. Of course the fact that companies make money on incarceration doesn’t help any. Also read Dems seek to boost DHS funding.

Daily Headlines: June 24, 2008 at The Latin Americanist. And I’m sorry I missed Today’s Video: Happy birthday Hope Sandoval! as I’m a big Mazzy Star fan and even her band Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions.

At Immigration Prof Blog read Knight Foundation and Opportunity Fund Launch Innovative “Saving for Citizenship” Program on a program to help 500 legal immigrants save the money to become citizens. In a new move anti-immigrant groups are going where they seem to be getting some results – local governments which just tells us we can’t ignore our city and state politics. Read about this in Anti-immigrant groups turn to local governments. Also read Negusie v. Mukasey: Asylum Case in Supreme Court where a man that refused orders to punish others and tried to help them may be sent back home to most likely be killed.

More at Immigration Prof Blog. Read Migration Policy Institute on Postville and New Security requirements likely to cause Visa Delays.

New poll searching for racial bias in America reveals subtle feelings run deep on both sides of the questions at Latina Lista.

As much as some of us would like to think that this election is all about the issues, there’s no denying that a major issue for a lot of voters boils down to black versus white.

Mortgage Crisis Hurts Black, Latino Economic Progress at Nuestra Voice.

Read Companero Don White, Presente! at Of América and celebrate the life of a man that lived to help others.

At Pro Inmigrant watch One year ago Dane Solomon walked through the doors of Immigration Equality asking for protection from abuse and mistreatment.


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