Who Came Up With The Drill Bit Idea?

First let me say – hello Bob. Sure wish you’d take the time to comment on one of these posts because I can see you searching for your own name to get here. Why do you think it’s ok to publish nasty jokes in a magazine available to children? Is that how communities should operate? Maybe while you’re researching on the internet you can Google “our town magazine” and see what real responsible community magazines look like. There are quite a few magazines called “Our Town” as you did not come up with that idea – did you? By your logic I guess they should be suing you, right?

Apparently Bob Beierle is more proud of his idea than he is desirous of its effect. Here we have a Pennsylvania based magazine, Our Town, with branches in New Jersey instructing us all to send in drill bits asking congress to drill in ANWAR. We also have a radio talk show host, Tom Schnitt, who broadcasts in a few states asking us to do the same.

So let’s assume that this is a noble cause as I know Bob thinks it is. If it’s a noble cause then why is Bob sending lawyers after the Bob Schmitt show? I’ll tell you why – it’s because the fact that he supposedly came up with the idea is more important that the act of sending in the drill bits. Bob wants notoriety – he wants attention. That’s why he’s duped (my opinion) many businesses into believing he actually creates a community magazine. Truly he only wants to publish his thoughts and ideas in print and he’s been successful at that. While other community magazines called “Our Town” actually talk about their towns and the people in them the only original content in Bob’s “Our Town” is his thoughts and stories.

In case you wanted to know a little more about Bob’s writing and don’t have access to Our Town let me quote a few lines (and just in case Bob wants to send attorneys after me for quoting his story let me quickly cite the copyright law on fair use – “Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”:

The ultimate beer for men and women who enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I though I could have a couple of girls in bikinis waving the American flag while big burly men behind them were raising their mugs, clanking them together. And I mean real men…not guys with six packs for abs…I mean real men who look like they’re carrying a keg in their guts. Anyway, I decided that was too good of a line to waste on that Budweiser that I had just invented, so I figured…aaaaaa…stick it in the Constitution, sign my John Hancock to it and get on with life.

This quote comes as Bob has a grandiose moment fantasizing that he wrote parts of the Bible, wrote the Constitution, created the Theory of Relativity and best of all invented Budweiser. Here he essentially compares his “drill bit” idea, which oddly had no name, to the Bible, the Constitution, Einstein’s theory and I suppose his greatest love – Budweiser.

What I understand least about this article by Bob is his desire for people to call him about his drill bit idea. He states:

And this is very important. If anybody e-mailed, faxed or mailed our drill bit story to the radio personality Todd Schnitt, who broadcasts down south, please contact us. No, you’re not in any trouble….it’s quite all right…but it would be a huge help to D_ and me to talk to you. Our phone number is on the front of “Our Town”. Please give us a shout. Again, no one’s in any trouble. I just want to reiterate that. You’d really help us out.

Now I now for a fact that every time I write about “Our Town” Bob reads my posts. So let me just go ahead and tell Bob that the first time I wrote about his drill bit idea is the post he read before finding out about Schnitt. That’s when I found out about the Tom Schnitt show.

Well, let me just say good luck Bob. I hope that rather than promoting your idea you’ll find it more fulfilling to sue others that are helping your cause. I also hope that while you’re citing the Bible’s lesson – “thou shall not steal” that you’ll also head its warnings on pride. Is it really important who came up with the idea? Isn’t it more important that the idea proliferates? Nobody knows who wrote “Beowulf”, but it’s still a great story.

Similarly the author of “Everyman” (which is right up Bob’s alley) is unknown:

The play opens with God giving a monologue about his troubles. He complains about how humans have become too absorbed in material wealth and riches to follow Him. He feels taken for granted, because he receives no appreciation for all that he has given them. God summons Death, his messenger, and tells him to go to Everyman and summon him to heaven to make his reckoning. It is then that he will be judged.

From Everyman:

I perceive here in my Majesty
How that all creatures be to me unkind
Living without dread in worldly prosperity:
Oh ghostly sight the people be so blind,
Drowned in sin, they knew me not for their God
In worldly riches is all their mind,
They fear not my rightwiseness, the sharp rod;
My law that I showed, when I for them died,
they forget clean, and shedding of my blood red;
I hanged between two, it cannot be denied;
To get them life I suffered to be dead;
I healed their feet, with thorns hurt was my head;
I could do no more than I did truly,
And now I see the people do clean forsake me:
They use the seven deadly sins damnable,
As pride, covetise, wrath, and lechery,
Now in the world be made commendable:
And thus they leave of angels and heavenly company,
Every man liveth so after his own pleasure,

Editorial: No magic drill bit to solve the oil issue


1 thought on “Who Came Up With The Drill Bit Idea?”

  1. Thank you. It seems that more and more people are realizing that “Our Town” is in my opinion and many others just a way for Robert Beierle to spread his uncensored rubbish and weird views.

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