Gilchrist’s Lament: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Take the DMI blog readers survey and win gift cards to! at DMI Blog. This post says that reading about public policy is like ‘eating your spinach.’ Well, get a fork and take a minute to tell DMI what you think. Also watch Mayor Martin Chavez on a New American History (One That Doesn’t Celebrate Monolingualism).

The myth of the American frontier is one of the most accepted and well-known of any American legend. The Mayor of Albuquerque Martin Chavez, however, turns the myth on its head.

Michael Savage Says Refugees “Can’t Assimilate” at Vivir Latino.

Michael Savage, the shock jock whose bigoted rhetoric has ruffled more than a few feathers over the years has got something to say about refugees to the United States.

Also Latinos del Mundo : VivirLatino Wants You (to write for us) and Mexico City Activist Targeted and Arrested.

Roll of Anti-Immigrant Groups at Eristic Ragemail. Here’s a list of prominent anti-migrant and hate groups along with a list of those leading the movement.

Chicago Resolution Condemning Hate Speech Introduced at Standing FIRM. Also read Congressman calls for Immigration Reform as a Priority and Working Hands do not Deserve Handcuffs: CHIRLA Denounces ICE Raids.


Minutemen Join White Supremacists In ‘Co-Hosted’ Strategy Session at Hatewatch. Also read Ex-Cop Linked To Aryan Nations Gets 52 Months For Bomb Making.

Read Citizens sue after detentions, immigration raids and Kerry and Smith on HIV ban at Immigration Equality Blog.

Nicklebag Joe Arpaio, Media Hound, Racist or Nut? at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Immigration Daily Defends Fragomen Law Firm at Immigration Prof Blog. The Fragomen law firm was recently audited by the Department of Labor. Read the AP story. Also read Undocumented Immigrant Who Lost $49K Wins Appeal! and not to be outdone by Dobbs Savage Spews Nativist Gibberish. I’m not a fan of Michael Weiner or his ridiculous tirades.

New video shows the link between commonly used media sources on immigration and anti-immigrant organizations at Latina Lista.

Long a sore spot among us all who seriously write about the topic, is the propensity of the mainstream media to use as counter sources that are funded, however indirectly, by organizations with an anti-immigrant agenda – not just anti undocumented but anti-immigrant. In other words, pro-white (read white supremacy) agendas.

USCIS director answers questions on processing times at No Borders and Binaries.

Read The Rule of Law or the Law on their own Hands? on white supremacists groups at Pro Inmigrant. Also read Empirical Image. Sealing the U.S. Mexico Border doesn’t match the reality.

Daily Headlines: June 26, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

Raid At An East Houston Plant at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Read 150 ICE agents converge on Houston East End Plant, part III at Dream Act Texas (Here’s Part I and Part II). In One Minute-Man Less we have Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen, lamenting on the current state of the movement he started. From the article:

“In retrospect, had I seen this, had I had a crystal ball to see what is going to happen… Am I happy? No,” Gilchrist said in a phone conversation late last week. “Am I happy at the outcome of this whole movement? I am very, very sad, very disappointed…”


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