Michael Savage: Today’s Migrants Don’t Assimilate

It’s hard to believe Savage is actually an intelligent person when he spews off like this. But maybe he is smart in doing this as it seems to keep his Ferrari fully gassed up.

Michael Savage Says Refugees “Can’t Assimilate”
Topics: Controversia – Immigration – Media – Radio

Savage, the shock jock whose bigoted rhetoric has ruffled more than a few feathers over the years has got something to say about refugees to the United States.


1 thought on “Michael Savage: Today’s Migrants Don’t Assimilate”

  1. Savage (nee Wiener) is physically, mentally and orally the ugliest excuse for a human that I’ve ever heard on public radio.

    He will lie and make up facts simply to cause excitement and listenership — never apologizing when caught.

    This “brilliant commentator” makes English language mistakes by the gross, yet claims to be a genius in any field. (For instance, I’ve never heard anyone so in love with the long “o” sound, so strangely used by Wiener in words such as PRO (not PRA) secute and tons more.

    I’ve never seen a radio host so pathetically anxious to convince people of his authenticity that he mentions with embarassing frequency, that he has two MA degrees and a Ph.D “from a real university.”

    Or, several times a week explains why “people love Michael Savage.”

    Truly pathetic. I fully expect him to cash it in, mentally or physically, on the air one day soon.

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