No Justice in Postville: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

At Para Justicia y Libertad check out some disturbing ‘jokes’ emailed within the Texas Sheriff’s department in Sheriff’s Department’s Gator Cruelty and Literal Illegal Baiting.

At A Dream Deferred watch Protestors Blast ICE raids in East Houston.

At Immigration Talk With A Mexican American read Postville Update: Agriprocessors Free to Stir Up More Trouble in Postville!

Postville was left “absolutely shattered” after last month´s heavily armed worker raids. The workers received swift, cattle barn justice. The employers, however, were left free to continue their abuses, despite hiring a GOP crony-pal “compliance” officer.

Read New Horizons in 2009? at Dream Act Texas on hope for the future of the DREAM Act. Also read Immigrants and employee abuse: It doesn’t just happen in New Orleans and ICE vs. “In the best interest of the child”. The ‘best interest of the child’ does not seem to apply to migrant children.

Watch McCain vs McCain on immigration reform in HOW FAR APART ARE MCCAIN AND OBAMA ON IMMIGRATION? at Greg Siskind’s Blog.

At Immigrants and Politics Blog read Grappling with LA’s Special Order 40. Currently LA officers are limited as to when they can ask for immigration status which is a stark contrast to the laws many cities are creating and enforcing.

CSUS Students Feel Transformed As They Help Immigrant Parents Learn English at Immigrants In The USA Blog.

Every Saturday morning for the past month, behind closed doors and without fanfare, nine college students go about making their world a better place — one new word, one flipped flash card, one pat on the back at a time.

Also read Students learn English; teachers how to teach it and $1.85 million Knight Foundation grant will help 500 Silicon Valley immigrants become citizens.

Feds Looking at SF Sanctuary Ordinance citing they may be shielding some deportable immigrants from removal – at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Obama Challenges McCain on Immigration Reform and Border Fence to Divide UT Brownsville.

ICE: No Proof Home Invasion Suspects Part of Mexican Military at Mexico Trucker.

The newest outrage against Mexico going around the blogosphere and on the rabid right wing talk shows and overnight conspiracy fests, is the story of personnel of the Mexican Army being involved in a home invasion and murder in Phoenix Arizona.

Hecklers Highlight Silence of Major Latino Organizations Around War at Of América.

Daily Headlines: June 30, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

A Cowboy From the West and the Sword of Simón Bolivar at The Unapologetic Mexican.

New Jersey Assemblyman Richard Merkt responds to last week’s Daily Record article on the DREAM Act in Give us your tired, poor, but please do it legally at American Humanity.


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