Energy To Do Good: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

First let me say congratulations to XP. Check out XP the Radical and Soon to be Uncle.

Harris County Grand Jury: Kill An Immigrant, Go Scot Free at Para Justicia y Libertad. Also check out the Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up: 06/30/2008.

Federal judge “compels” Department of Homeland Security to honor original agreement with Texas university at Latina Lista.

As the nation gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July this week, Texans along the U.S.-Mexico border are defending their property rights in the face of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scooping up land to construct the mandated border wall.

Check out the post UMX: Stronger Than Aryan Pride where we read of Nezua’s interaction with white pride while shooting water falls at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Today’s youth-and all humans-are currently untapped reservoirs of power and heart. Someone like Obama comes along and speaks to that and you see what this nation could be if there were some truth and heart here, some lessons worth ingesting, some pride worth having.

The above quote from Nezua’s article reminds me of a quote from Smart Borders from a while back:

Every 6-week marking period, students are required to internalize this spirit of volunteerism and community service. Because I feel most people are just waiting for an excuse to do good, it is easy for me to ask this of my students. And most of them have responded with impressive results.

There is definitely an energy waiting to be released by a powerful cause or call to action and it’s important that we ensure that it’s positive. It’s quite apparent that the anti-migrant groups have tapped into this energy through using fear.

One of the most heinous terms I’ve learned through the anti-migrants is “anchor baby.” Those innocent little things used to have a special place in everyone’s heart, but in today’s environment even babies are vilified. At Damn Mexicans we learn that babies cannot ‘anchor’ their parents in The Anchor Baby Myth. I believe this should have been made apparent to the anti’s when Elvira Arellano was deported. Also read Why Do I Have To Push “1” For English? which is a question we here quite often from the anti’s. My answer is ‘because you want the information in English.’ Also check out an update on Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa who’s now in an ABC show called “Hopkins” in Undocumented Immigrant to Brain Surgeon.

Can you be bible-thumping and anti-immigrant? at No Borders and Binaries.

How many rabid ALIPacers, ‘FAIR’ and NumbersUSA members are actually compassionate Christian conservatives? Going by the hatred and scapegoating, not an overwhelming number would be a wise guess.

When Sanctuary equals shooting self in the foot – Protecting undocumented juvenile “crack dealers” is an interesting post on San Francisco’s desire to go to great lengths to support their sanctuary policy and refusal to comply with the federal government’s current immigration laws.

At DMI Blog read The Emergence of Mass Deportation: Lessons from the Past we learn of the many instances where migrants have been either detained or deported in the name of national security.

In a climate of fear and defensiveness, there is a psychological need to assign blame and fight back against the perceived bad guy. It’s not the first time that fear has triggered the adoption of tough immigration policies. For example, it was economic insecurity that triggered the racism that contributed to the passage of the infamous laws excluding Chinese immigrants from the US in the late 1800s.

Also take the survey if you have few minutes – Last chance to take the DMI blog readers survey!.

At Dream Act Texas read ICE Raid in Maryland- Employers not Fined or Detained. Also read Morals and Immigration: Thinking What is Best for the World.

Professor Mathias Risse from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government has presented a theory that some people are finding novel – that the U.S. is unfairly restricting immigration. praises Risse for being so bold as to “turn immigration policy on its head”

In Scholarship for BILINGUAL social work students we learn that “The Hogg Foundation will enhance the opportunity for bilingual people who want to enter the field of Social Work in Texas by providing a scholarship”

Read Tancredo Endorses McCain at Eristic Ragemail. The graphic here shows a fictitious bumper sticker with Tancredo as McCain’s VP. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Read Lifting the language barrier at Immigrants in the USA Blog. This is always a good blog to pick up news on people helping one another. This is another one of those stories.

At Immigration Talk With A Mexican American read Breaking News: Minutemen Planning “Operation Secure America Now!” July 3 – 6. Check out this post to read more about this ‘event.’

At Immigration Prof Blog read Article: “Meeting Uncle Sam the Hard Way” about the U.S. tax system. Also check out McCain and Obama pledged to make immigration reform a priority, Virginia Journal of International Law On-Line Symposium on Gonzales v. Williams (1904) and Cross Border Yoga where we learn that the border fence can’t keep neighbors from enjoying yoga classes.

Brief Commentary on the Fate of Employers after Raids talks about the lack of prosecution of employers while migrants are detained and deported.

Truth is that hardly ever are employers convicted after these raids. According to ICE’s own annual reports, in fiscal 2007 the agency secured fines and forfeitures of more than $30 million in worksite enforcement cases. ICE, however, did not provide statistics on the number of employers criminally charged nor convicted last year.

The theme of no enforcement for employers continues at Just News in Workers Jailed, Bosses Skate.

White House Backs Lieberman’s Warning Of Attack at Nuestra Voice. “The White House on Monday said it agreed with Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-Conn.) warning that terrorists could test the new president with an attack next year.”

Spanish Language could play a Key role in the Upcoming Election at Standing FIRM. Also check out Get out the (immigrant) vote! and UPDATE: More than 100 Protest the Houston Raid.


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