Stinky Mexican immigrants are taking over America!

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7 thoughts on “Stinky Mexican immigrants are taking over America!”

  1. Snap = No drain on health care. Snap = Over 40 California hospitals closed, No pay immigrants. Snap = Less crime then native American’s. Snap = Over 6000 Mexican gangs in California. So lets all Snap to it.

  2. I’d like to know where you got your facts. First of all our healthcare system has been in peril for some time and it has little to do with undocumented migrants. You’re focused on the wrong thing here. If all companies gave medical benefits then even undocumented immigrants would have it. If a business doesn’t provide this then maybe you should go after them rather than blaming hard working people.

    But if you do want someone to blame – here’s a fact for you. The chairman for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign recently died with 400k in medical bills. Do you think those will be paid? Do you believe his campaign manager was an undocumented immigrant?

    From an intensive care unit at a Virginia hospital, Kent fought bravely for his life as he suffered from pneumonia for more than two months so that he might ultimately resume his career-long fight for liberty. In so doing, he amassed medical bills in excess of $400,000. The presidential campaign for which Kent worked so tirelessly provided no medical benefits to any of its employees, thus putting the entire burden of these expenses squarely on Kent and his family. (link)

  3. Your right the health system has been in peril for some time . So why in the hell let immigants who have no right to be here add to the problem ? If you work for someone who does not furnish insurance and you get sick you should blame the employer is that right ? That is the reason people change jobs to get better pay and benifits. I have never heard such stupid bull as comes from you. You praise people who break the law just by being here and they demonstrate for rights in this country to which they have no right to have.. They dishonor our flag by flying it upside down and that makes them hard working people who should not be blamed for there actions. So keep dailing one for english and rubbing there bellys.

  4. You’re obviously an angry and incorrigible person which is quite sad.

    When Americans fought for better pay and working hours in the 1800 and early 1900’s and fought against child labor I suppose it was the workers and those children that were to blame. Those people I’m sure could have freely moved about finding new jobs and those kids should have just shut up and kept working – it was there fault right?

    I’m sure the bosses of yester year would have loved you. Kids would still be working and those living in poverty would be to blame for every social ill.

    Somehow you have the warped idea that people barely scrapping by can freely change jobs (and afford health insurance). The truth is many people would have to miss payments on rent, utilities or other necessities waiting for the first check at their new job. Not to mention they may not be able to find another job for the same wages.

  5. I’m incorrigible & angry ? You are the one who made the video and yells snap. You hit it right on the nose, Americans fighting for better pay and labor laws for Americans not illegal immigrants. Where you get I am against labor laws I have no idea. Our laws are for Americans. Don’t tell me about how hard things are for some people. I am married and we live on social security. My wife had a stroke last year and I had a colostomy. Anything I have I worked for as no one handed me a thing. If you think our goverment is here to hand you whatever you want then you are in for a rude awakening. Please tell me how you recieved all this wisdom and the answers for living. I would guess that you are have attended college and thinking you will be another Bill Clinton by taking a stand for illegals. So lets see what we have. People who are scrapping by can’t change jobs to better themselves and get healthcare because they won’t last until the first pay check comes. Can’t look for better paying jobs because they are scrapping by. Maybe if whiners like you would tell them they can change things instead of helping them to stay where they are and look for a hand out would be a big help. If people like you are the new backbone of this country , God help us. Have A Great Day

  6. First of all I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through. I did attack you a bit for your comments, but still respect you as a fellow human being and I don’t want to see anyone suffering.

    Secondly that’s not me in the video.

    Finally, I made the statement about labor because you were defending businesses earlier. Though I believe people should have the right to migrate the truth is many businesses hire undocumented migrants knowing full well they are not here legally. So the point is blame those responsible. If the jobs weren’t here they wouldn’t come. If you don’t build it they won’t come as they say. However, I’d prefer to build it and let them come legally as our ancestors did.

    Many Americans take things while many migrants are working for what they get. They are not being handed anything a job which they either do or they’re let go like everyone else.

    These are my opinions. I never stated that I had all the answers.

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