Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family

According to the article Why are People Having Fewer Kids? at Reason Magazine the film “Demographic Winter” was previewed at the Heritage foundation earlier this year.

The images in the intro of this website tell us quite a bit:

First Image:

Second image:

This is the background of the front page:

What this film tells us is that the world’s population will decline and lead to the end of the human race if we don’t start having more children. What’s odd is that so many other groups, here in the U.S., such as Numbers USA want to convince us that the population is moving in the other direction. Either way I believe both camps are actually speaking about the decline of the white population.

From the trailer I’ve typed out the following quotes:

“It’s entirely possible that the French will dissapear. There will no native born French that come from the traditional of French population.”

They claim it’s happening all over the world, but then the film states (in graphic) “What if every developed country were shrinking…but their economies required growth.”

“When there are many too many old people and not enough people to work and look after them which is what’s on the books now, mathmatically speaking, you’re going to have economic collapse. There won’t be enough people to run the trains or pay the taxes.”

“For those of us who were raised to believe in the teachings of Thomas Malthus and Charles Darwin, for example, these trends are very hard to absorb.”

“The only way you can sort of preserve the theory is to say well, certain kinds of human beings…are on the way to extinction.”

Then the video asks “What if the solutions were clear to Academia…but weren’t politically correct?”

The stated premice of this film is to keep the family together and support the idea of a heterosexual family. While I haven’t seen the film we can certainly read into what the trailer is telling us.

In the Q & A section we have the following quote:

Of the 10 countries with the lowest birthrates, 9 are in Europe. Overall, the European fertility rate is 1.3, well below replacement level (2.1). No European nation has a replacement-level birthrate.

Italy’s fertility rate is 1.2. Spain’s is 1.1. That means in the not-too-distant future, absent massive immigration, these countries will lose half of their people in every generation.

Russia’s birthrate fell from 2.4 in 1990 to 1.17 today – a decline of more than 50% in less than 20 years. Each year, there are more abortions than live births in the Russian Federation.

While birthrates are also plummeting in developing nations, most still have above-replacement fertility – for the time being.

The U.S. fertility rate is around 2.1, just about replacement level, and continues to hover around that rate, due in part to higher immigrant birthrates. How long this will continue is anyone’s guess.


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