English Only!

What’s really funny to me about all of this is that the most popular tattoo today is the Chinese character. While so many Americans are permanently etching another language onto their bodies a growing faction is crying foul anytime someone decides to actually speak another language.

We all understand that English is taught around the world as a foundation language and truly has little worry of ever being subdued by other languages. However, if this did happen would it really matter? What’s being protected here – a person’s right to maintain their culture or a person’s right to maintain their lack of education and their monolingualism?

English Only: The Language Wars Flare Up Again

By Ruben Navarrette, Washington Post Writers Group. Posted July 9, 2008.

The language wars flare up whenever insecure Americans worry that English is becoming passé.

It’s a cultural paranoia that is laughably off the mark. According to research, children of immigrants stand a better chance of losing their native language and speaking only English than never learning English at all. Still, it’s a fear that is resistant to facts. I ought to know. I’ve seen it up close.


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