Hard Earned Tax Dollars

With some time to waste I’m listening to the first broadcast of Gheen’s ALIPAC radio show. He uses the phrase we hear quite often – “hard earned tax dollars” which always sounds odd to me. First of all because he’s claiming that undocumented migrants contribute nothing to the tax system and secondly I didn’t realize tax dollars were earned. I always thought they were just taken away by the government. Does the government earn the tax dollars they take from me? I don’t think this government has earned them, but I know for sure I don’t because I never see them.

As far as undocumented migrants paying nothing into the system – we all know that’s a bunch of bs. The idea here to to conjure the image of some person sweating over a laborious job while an undocumented migrant sits in comfort counting their large wad of money. It’s pure ridiculousness.


6 thoughts on “Hard Earned Tax Dollars”

  1. I just listened to the show, I never heard Gheen say that “undocumented migrants contribute nothing to the tax system” Did I miss it or does it not exist like you claim? If you said it is there and it is not, then either you are mistaken or you lied.

    Please provide the hour of the show and minute count of where this supposed comment is made.

  2. First five minutes of the show:

    Eighty percent want no tax payer benefits going to illegal aliens, but they continue to soak up billions of our hard earned tax dollars.

    If Gheen believed they paid into these hard-earned tax dollars then he wouldn’t say “our” (meaning legal American citizens that support his views) hard-earned tax dollars would he? Unless he’s saying undocumented migrants don’t work hard. Now we know that’s not true.

  3. First of all, each and every dime that is totaled INTO my paycheck is hard earned by me and no one else. As far as what the government or myself has deducted from my pacheck came OUT OF my paycheck, so how can you see reasoning that my tax dollars are not hard earned? The tax money was initially earned by me before deductions.

    Next, yes, illegals may pay taxes of goods they buy, but that’s something neither you or I can avoid.
    Most illegals work under the table for cash, no S.S., no medicare, no income tax, something most of us can not “legally” avoid.
    Multiple families buying/renting homes, sharing the payments, which includes property taxes, are ripping off the property tax system, not contributing to the economy of the community.
    Some may pay S.S. tax, but the majority pay into fake or stolen S.S. accounts creating thousands and thousands of cases of identity theft and lives ruined.
    Nice scenerio?

  4. If the government takes your “tax dollars” then who’s actually doing the earning? Since you never see the money it was never yours to begin with. If you can get it back somehow then you’ve earned it and you’re to be applauded because I don’t get much back myself.

    How do you figure most undocumented migrants work “under the table for cash?” Hopefully you realize there is such thing as a tax ID (known as an ITIN) given to individuals who are not eligible for a Social Security numbers. Hopefully you also realize that a great number of undocumented migrants come into this country legally from all over the world. Therefore they would be able to set themselves up to pay taxes and work here legally like everyone else.

    For those working “under the table” let’s make the employers responsible rather than making hard-working migrants into villains.

  5. You asked earlier if I was an ALIPAC shill, I replied I’d never heard the name before.

    Did I miss your post enlightening me? If not, could you give it a go here?

  6. Gheen needs to make sure ALIPAC.US itself is following the ‘rule of law.’ That doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to paying taxes!

    Just a quick look at ALIPAC.US’s FEC filings shows ALIPAC.US paid no employer taxes and withheld no income taxes from wages for several years.

    Finally, after the author of this post turned ALIPAC.US in to the tax man finally now ALIPAC.US is paying taxes and withholding income taxes. The Q2 FEC filing shows that for each month’s salary, employer taxes were paid and income taxes withheld. However, above and beyond taxes on three months of salary is a $5,000 payment for “payroll taxes” to the U.S. Treasury, not ALIPAC.US’s payroll service. I call upon William Gheen to explain the $5,000, as this appears to be a hefty fine for non-payment of previous taxes!

    ALIPAC.US continues to insist that immigrants don’t pay taxes, while in fact immigrants pay taxes through payroll deduction like the rest of us (except ALIPAC.US prior to April of 2008).

    We don’t even know for certain whether Gheen paid income taxes until Q2 of 2008. I challenge Gheen to post his tax returns on-line (minus SSN, address, etc.) to prove he paid his income taxes and self-employment tax since he previously claimed to be an independent contractor.

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