ALIPAC Radio – Burglars Want A Better Life, Migrants Too

I haven’t listened to the whole show, but I did download yesterday’s ALIPAC radio show and found the following to be quite interesting. When asks why Gheen believes that so many undocumented migrants come to the United States he stated:

I believe that they made a decision, as many criminals do, thieves, drug dealers, prostitutes to break our laws and engage in unscrupulous, unethical and immoral behavior to try to gain something for themselves. (he almost says better themselves.) And what they’re trying to do is steal – steal part of America by breaking into our country (even though he stated earlier many overstay visas), breaking in front of all the people waiting in line, cutting deals with organized crime and since there are 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in my country now it’s suffering greatly and that is why I’m doing what I do today. So I think that they have made a moral, uh immoral decision, an illegal decision and an unethical decision to try to better, get better things for themselves the same way a burglar says I want a better life so I’m going to break in this house and steal it and take what I want regardless of who suffers or what the law is. That’s what I’ve think they’ve done Ross.

I believe his comparison to people looking for a better life to those who break into people’s homes says much about his mindset. Personally I see quite a huge difference between a quick ‘score’ and one that requires that one work in a factory long hours everyday without fail. Of course he could have given examples of more long term criminal activity so I’ll address that too. There is no comparison. A person working at a legal trade that happens to be here undocumented should not be compared to a person that hurts others. This tactic is only meant to scare people and to foster the idea of an “invasion” which is simply propaganda.

He says they want to “get better things for themselves.” Is he trying to say they have it good elsewhere and they just come here for more fun and profit? This is an irresponsible assertion that fails to take into account suffering that happens abroad.

At the end of it all Gheen does not address the causes which is the only way we can make a change for the betterment of us all.


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