Flor Crisostomo Q and A

It’s a sad day in a cold heart when people can’t wrap their minds around the simple thought that all people are created equal. Just think about that for a minute. All people are created equal. So what makes the difference? Well, for those of us born in the United States we may not really know what that difference is, but the comfort we live in surely does. While there is suffering in this great country much of it has to do with the same thing – man’s inhumanity to man – namely through greed.

Flor is not a woman that has more than she needs. She’s simply asking for a path through life that allows her to experience the same comfort we all take for granted. As I see it she’s stopped her life in order to speak out for others. So few would actually do that – so few.

Illegal immigrant speaks about life in sanctuary – Belleville News Democrat
Associated Press Writer

Flor Crisostomo stands before the worn wooden pews of the storefront church and tells the visiting students that she doesn’t regret paying a smuggler to get her across the border.

The 29-year-old illegal immigrant has defied a deportation order to Mexico, where her three children live, – by seeking sanctuary at the Adalberto United Methodist Church for the past six months.

In this article Flor is asked a number of questions about her being in this country illegally and her desire to help effect change.

She states that trade policies with the U.S. have helped create the poverty to our south which I have to agree with. In addition she states that immigration is not being talked about because politicians are afraid to touch the issue. Personally I believe it’s because the nativist sentiment is very loud and angry while the many that believe in human rights get drowned out. It’s like the guy everyone tries to avoid at work because he’s a grouch. This is how they approach the angry nativists.

Another separate article appeared in Sundays Daily Record on Crisostomo:

Immigration treats church sanctuary carefully – Daily Record
By SOPHIA TAREEN • Associated Press • July 13, 2008

CHICAGO — Everyone knows where Flor Crisostomo lives, even the federal immigration officials who have ordered her deported to Mexico. The reason they haven’t detained her is her address —

Another woman famously took refuge in that church as she championed immigration reform, and at least 13 other illegal immigrants are doing the same at churches around the country. So far, they have little to fear.

I felt much safer knowing that Julie Myers would go into a church to apprehend an ax murderers. As she stated in the article:

I am personally not aware of an instance when ICE has gone into a church. That being said, if there was a particular, extremely egregious, ax murderer or something else, that’s not to say we would not enforce the law at that time.

This is sadly the kind of ridiculousness we have to hear when we’re fighting for the rights of people in need. Rather than give a real example of a true criminal Myers gives us the image of a crazed Lizzy Borden. Truly there are real criminals out their that ICE could be apprehending, such as gang members, but they’re not as easy to apprehend since they generally don’t punch a clock the same time every day.

At least I take some solace in knowing that Crisostomo isn’t being hunted by a terrible system of injustice – though she is being watched.

Of course it wasn’t too long ago that ICE was going to schools in California even though we learn from this article:

Since the 1970s the unwritten rule has been “no churches, no playgrounds, no schools,” said Meissner, now a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington.

It may not be too much longer before nothing is sacred – those in need or the church itself.


2 thoughts on “Flor Crisostomo Q and A”

  1. What is sad, are those affluent white elites, who are so disconnected from the realities faced by working poor American citizens, who desperately need their jobs. At a time when our jobs have been being outsourced since the 1980s, and there are fewer jobs that remain every month, would decide that we less affluent Americans, and we are black, brown and white, either don’t need or deserve our jobs. They use phrases like “jobs Americans won’t do”, merely because rich white Americans couldn’t imagine soiling their soft, pampered hands with such menial labor.

    We have civil rights, and human rights considerations as well. We need to keep a roof over our heads, as well as our children’s. We need to put food on the table, pay utilities, try to obtain health care. Some of us and our loved ones, including our children have gotten sick, some have died, because he health care crisis is exacerbated by the system being overloaded with illegal aliens.

    Mexico is the 14th wealthiest country in the world, with a large and thriving middle class (created by the jobs taken away from American citizens) and have many billion and millionaires. It has the tax base upon which the government could fund increased opportunities for the Mexican people. It could raise wages. It is NOT a poor country.

    None of us are deceived into believing that the rationale for open borders is in any way about “humanity”, it’s about creating a slave labor economy. You do not create better lives for those south of the border, by rationalizing the status quo that keeps people poor, or by imposing that same status quo in the US. This is about allying with the corrupt corporate interests to destroy the economy and create a fascistic slave labor economy. Something the left feels it can profit from.

    Those who rationalize those things are the racists, they hate and desire to oppress the American people.

  2. Nobody here (which is me) stated we should have open borders. However, our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.

    While big corporations may be trying to create a slave labor economy (though being paid does not equate to slavery and I do believe migrants are being paid – actually more than they could get in their native countries) pro-migrant activists are not. People aren’t here to piss you off and take what’s “yours” as if anything really belongs to us. It’s always been accepted that you should look for the best opportunities to provide for your family.

    If you believe that a racist is a person that advocates for human rights then I pity you. Whites, which I am one, have dominated the world for the majority of man’s existence in it. We dominated America after fleeing Europe and we just can’t share anything can we? Of course, our regimes and supply of weapons to U.S. backed militias in South and Central America shouldn’t matter to anyone right? Who cares what happens to people as long as they suffer in other countries.

    A little compassion goes a long way.

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