Growing Truth and Justice: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

The Sanctuary is an organic garden of sanity, justice and compassion. In this garden the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the fruits of hard work are being realized.  Thanks to all the farmers here pushing for truth and justice.

Score One for the Latinosphere at Para Justicia y Libertad on the article in the Wall Street Journal about efforts to wake up the candidates.

Shackled Like An Animal During Labor at Latino Politico.

Nine months pregnant and in labor, she was shackled until two hours prior to the birth of her child and then re-shackled afterwards. Following the birth of the baby, authorities denied her the ability to breast feed the newborn, who was at a high risk of jaundice as a result of it.

Also check out Man Eegee’s post on Wall Street Journal Covers Our Questionnaire.
Of América also writes on the Wall Street Journal story in Of América Mentioned in Wall Street Journal.

The Unapolgetic Mexican brings us Sanctuary Members on CNN.

At Vivir Latino read More Problems with the Postville Raids, Obama Speaks to La Raza y Que? and The New Yorker Vs. Obama.


I’ve learned that accents are a big deal. Sales people are nicer to me than to my parents even though they can afford things I can’t even dream of affording right now. In immigrant neighborhoods you see ads advertising classes on how to speak with an American accent because it means you can make more money. They’ve learned that many Americans harbor bigotry towards people with accents.

Also another case of sexual above by a person given authority over others in ICE agent sentenced for sexual assault


State and Local Round-up at Standing FIRM. Also check out LISTEN: Life as an Undocumented Student.

Mass convictions after the Postville raid – railroading the defendants at Working Immigrants.

For a little energy watch Nuestro Himno – Somos Americans: Our Anthem – We’re Americans at American Taíno.

Life after college in question and Finding others at American Wetback.

Gaudencio Fernandez is a hero. He erected a massive sign on his property spelling out the evils happening in Prince William Country. Go to Anti-BVBL’s post Really Corey, did our crime rate “plummet by 20%” after the “crackdown” ? to watch the video. Here’s a Washington Post article on the story and a quote from Fernandez in speaking about gaining support from Native Americans participating in The Longest Walk:

“They want to express their support of our struggle here in Prince William,” Fernandez said. “I feel honored that they are thinking about our problems. They see that what we suffer today is nothing new and is something they have suffered over and over.”

Also at Anti-BVBL read Crime Stats Up After Passage of Resolution (Jul-Dec ’07). If migrants are all criminals and they’re being removed then who’s committing these crimes?

Escondido tries to rid itself of undocumented immigrants at Bender’s Immigration Bulletin.

Some useful links at Blog For Arizona in Links for 2008-07-14. Also read The Maverick Fence at the McCain Ranch on McCain’s many-sided views.

It’s no secret to most that sensationalism get the most views which is what keeps many of the prime-time television radio and tv personalities going. Read more on this in Immigration Debate: Lies, Hate, and Lack of True Journalism at DMI Blog.

Obama and South America and Free College? Check out Opportunity 14 in Houston at Dream Act Texas.

New York Times Opines on Travesty and Shame Following Postville Raid at Eristic Ragemail. Also read Brimelow’s response to Razzo in Peter Brimelow of VDARE.COM Responds to Eristic Ragemail.

Attacks Nation’s Human Resource Managers at Greg Siskind’s Blog. Apparently DHS isn’t happy that they oppose E-Verify.

Plot to Murder SPLC Founder Disclosed on a 1999 plot to murder Morris Dees and possibly blow up the center at Hatewatch Blog.

A Looming Victory! at Immigration Equality on the repeal of the HIV ban. Also read IE’s post on Erik Camayd-Freixas’ account at the Agriprocessor raids A shonde* but not a shock.

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1 Issue 16: New Yorker Cartoon This Month and Next Month at Immigration Talk With a Mexican American. I see this image as less of a satire and more of a Durdenesque image meant to scar our minds.

The National Museum of Mexican Art Presents A Declaration of Immigration, Surge in Hiring at USCIS, “Pervasive and Serious Problems” at USCIS, DHS Office of Immigration Statistics: Naturalizations in the United States: 2007, and “What’s Different About the Immigration Problem We Face Today–And What Can Be Done About It” at Immigration Prof Blog.

Nebraska town proposes occupancy license aimed at immigration and More Mexicans seeking asylum on U.S.-Mexico border at Just News.

Newspaper series reveals rampant abuse of power under Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s watch at Latina Lista. Also read Special Sunday Post: Nashville-area police department’s abuse of ICE’s 287(g) program calls for federal review and McCain’s “God’s children” ad is offensive to all Latinos and should be banned from airwaves.

Yale Law School Lecture on Migration at Nonviolent Migration.


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