A Change Of Heart – One Year After the ProAmerica Rally

First I want to say it’s encouraging to see that Robb Pearson, the person who organized Morristown’s ProAmerica Rally, is now in support of migrants. The promise and irony of this epiphany is the fact that Robb organized the largest anti-“illegal” immigrant rally that I’ve seen to date. I believe it was around 150 people that showed up for this rally. Gheen himself could only get about 12 people to show up to his rally last month. Now Robb has had a change of heart and this post is a quick review of the Morristown ProAmerica Rally. My original post on this rally can be read here.

Nearly one year ago today on July 28, 2007 Robb Pearson held a rally named for his group the ProAmerica Society. His rally sparked my desire to start this blog advocating for migrant rights and the fair treatment of all human beings. For that I have to thank him, but we’ve a long way to go. When I started this blog I didn’t think much would happen, but since October or November of last year (after I moved the blog to WordPress) I’ve gotten 55,000 hits to the site. Many sites get that in one month or even one day, but for this humble blogger I never expected so many to visit. But let’s get back to the ProAmerica Rally.

Aside from Robb Pearson the ProAmerica Rally gave voice to the following groups:

Voice of The People USA – PA based group that holds many rallies in the Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre area.
You Don’t Speak For Me – group for Latinos apposed to “illegal” immigration started by FAIR.
New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control – New Jersey based group who works closely with local government to promote more laws which inevitably hurt us all.
9/11 Families for a Secure America – group of people whose family and friends perished in the terrible attack on 9/11 formed against “illegal” immigrants on the premise that they are here to hurt us as well.
ProAmerica Companies (a now defunct org put together to promote companies that don’t hire undocumented workers.) Supposedly the person who ran this company caused problems for the VOPUSA Harrisburg Rally which saw many promised speakers refuse to show up.
Mayor of Morristown, Donald Cresitello – Mayor who is actively pursuing “imminent domain” in the city of Morristown, NJ in order to ‘rebuild’ for people who can afford half million dollar condos. Since Mayor Cresitello’s election the center of town, known as “the green”, is now a mecca of banks, stock and loan institutions rather than places one can go and have a bite and some conversation. So if you’re in Morristown and need to get some money – you’re in the right place (assuming you have money in the bank.) At one point he said he’s have his officers follow anyone suspected of being undocumented or having them in their cars and pull them over for any infraction. Once stopped all people in the car would have to prove they were legal residents or face deportation. He support 287(g), but was never given support by the state. At the end of it all the Daily Record reported that he was taking Spanish classes in an effort to show he wasn’t against Latinos in Morristown.

The list of speakers included:

John Ruckie – NJ Citizens for Immigration Control
Carmen Morales – You Don’t Speak For Me
Andrew Woodring – Voice of the People USA
Daniel Smeriglio – Voice of the People USA
Miguel Cruz – You Don’t Speak For Me
David Marlett – ProAmerica Companies
Peter Gadiel – 9/11 Families for a Secure America
Donald Cresitello – Mayor of Morristown
Robb Pearson – Founder, ProAmerica Society

What I began doing since I hadn’t found my voice yet was simply transcribing all the speeches for public record and making comments on each one. Those speeches can be found here.

In addition I took pictures at the rally and posted them here.

Speakers at this rally told those that didn’t agree to “go to hell” they claimed that undocumented migrants were turning the United States into a cesspool and those of us protesting even got a free photo session via nifty digital cameras Storm Front members figured out how to use.

At the rally Robb Pearson was actually one of tamer voices. Though he did state the following in his speech:

But, my friends, that thread which maintains the cohesiveness of our society is being undone by the scourge of illegal immigration. It is a serious injury to our nation as a whole as well as to our local communities, an injury which is not only perpetrated upon us by those who enter and remain in our country in violation of our laws, but is also enabled and allowed and continued by our own government.

This is unacceptable!

We The People. We The People. Let today mark a new direction. Let today be a day to take new steps. Let all of us today recommit ourselves to our foundational American principles, and rededicate ourselves to one another as fellow Americans.

Because we can no longer be content to gather merely to express our extreme frustration or engage in mere academic conversation about the issue of illegal immigration.

Today is a day to push forward with renewed determination to find real solutions to this problem.

Today is a day for all of us to ask ourselves what we each can do, what we each should do, and what we each MUST do, as responsible citizens.

If you take out the “scourge of illegal immigrants” part the speech is really not that bad and at the end we are told to find “real solutions” to this issue. I couldn’t agree more – and one year later it seems that Robb feels the same way. Recently he forwarded me a blog post stating his change of heart and the next day the Daily Record wrote about it. I’ll get to those items later in the post. First let’s get some photo highlights of the day:

Police at the rally were armed and ready for the obviously violent undocumented migrants who were planning to seize city hall and reclaim America.

Attendees that felt yelling at us was more valuable than the speeches unwittingly held flags upside down. After some research I believe this is a battle flag, but I cannot be sure.

A skinhead with a spiderweb tattoo shows his support while a man with a border patrol hat calls on God to support our troops, but fails to realize that a caring God wouldn’t condone the hatred being cawed from the stage that day.

And a sign advertising a white supremacist site was proudly displayed to us protesters. Was this man trying to get us to join? I think he may have been pointing that sign in the wrong direct, but don’t worry because for a good portion of the rally he held the sign up to the speakers – none of which called him out even though they all surely knew what his group stood for.

One group of pro-migrants did try to storm the stage and disrupt the speeches, but the gestapo was on hand to make sure law, order and decency prevailed.  Thankfully if the gestapo couldn’t stop them the large “Immigration Yes, Reconquista No” sign would have surely done the job. Propaganda is hard to fight so when you have it written on a sign that big it’s something akin to Godzilla or King Kong.

One anti-immigrant protester used the back of a wine box to let us know she disliked Mexican people and is sadly confused about the whole issue.

These two guys are from the group Storm Front and were nice enough to take our pictures. I hate it when you’re out with your significant other and you can’t find anyone to take your picture. Well, we had two people taking our picture and they didn’t charge us for the prints! Seriously though, the guy on the left was arrested after the rally for getting into an altercation with one of the protesters. Now he works with a group called Voice of the People USA or at least it seems so if you check out their guest book.

So that’s enough of that memory lane. Let’s take a moment to link to and read what Robb has to say now – almost one year later:

‘Let them stay’: Anti-illegal alien rally organizer changes his stand – Daily Record

MORRISTOWN — The former Mount Olive resident who organized an anti-illegal immigration rally headlined by Mayor Donald Cresitello in 2007 now says he regrets holding the event and no longer supports a crackdown.

Robb Pearson, who previously endorsed Cresitello’s call to deputize local police for federal immigration enforcement, said he underwent a personal evolution after a “rapid financial decline” and other hardships led him to relocate to Muhlenberg, Pa.

“If I had the mindset as I have now, I never would have had the rally,” Pearson said. He explained that his own challenges had given him greater empathy.

Man Eegee wrote about this story in A Nugget of Hope and when he said now Robb gets to see what it’s like to be on our side of this issue he couldn’t have been more correct. Let’s look at NJ Critic’s comment to Robb on the Daily News website.

You done yet Robb acting high and mighty? I’m sure those PA people are so glad to have an unpatriotic person in their midsts. One spelling error for your perfection, someone who wants to help destroy this country and you’ divert attention to nazis, child abusers and spelling errors. You just keep feeding that ego with what you see in the mirror because certainly that’s all you can get now that you’ve become a traitor.

NJ Critic also states:

Even 12 houirs later, Robb with his self dillusions of ‘We are all human, we deserve to love, respect and care for each other” crap. Dawn is right as am I with my earlier posts. You have indeed lost it and feeling to need to be a sermon to all US citizens on how to act to CRIMINALS, INVADERS and scum sucking trash. Nice way to get off topic about child abuse. Two different animals there Robb, child abusers legal and illegal should be tossed in jail, deport the illegals, flush them down the toilet..whatever is easist. Who determines this human obligation? Certainly not you almighty flip flopper to serve his best interests, we have an obligation to OUR CITIZENS. Go try that argument over in the middle east or China and see how much they’ll believe you. They’ll put you in the looney bin or arrest you for blurting out anti-communism propaganda. Our national security is indeed at stake from these illegal wetbacks along with arabs trying to get in easily that way to attack us along

I think this is all we need to hear from the anti side of the issue. Let’s see what Robb Pearson wrote that sparked the Daily Record to write this article.

Rather than post parts of it here I’ll just encourage you to visit Robb’s blog at the Daily Record and check it out. If you like what he’s saying leave a comment of encouragement.


1 thought on “A Change Of Heart – One Year After the ProAmerica Rally”

  1. Greetings.

    As a longtime Morristown, NJ resident, I was present at the ProAmerica rally and could only muster a head-shake and deep sighs. I stood on both sides of the rally, merely observing how each side (literally each side -there was a street dividing them) interacted and reacted to the speakers. I was approached by a lady handing out propaganda, and was accused of being an “illegal”. I just smiled.

    I hope people can smarten up and realize that these immigration problems are cyclical. Only intelligent discourse and humane legislation will help solve these “problems”.

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