Don’t Worry About The Reconquista, We Have Manifest Destiny

It is a truism in human affairs that the weak tolerate many things out of necessity that the powerful will not tolerate because they don’t have to. – from Robert Kagan’s “Dangerous Nation”

Many anti-immigrants and anti-“illegal” immigrants (I try to be nice) liken undocumented migrants to home invaders. Generally I refute this analogy by stating that breaking into one’s home is no more akin to being an undocumented migrant than breaking into one’s body is like entering a home without permission.

Reading this post ,The Conquest and Theft of América, Pt. 13, at the Unapologetic Mexican has given me a different perspective.

If anti-immigrants want to claim that undocumented migrants are like a person that enters your home and helps themselves to a sandwich (yes this is often said) then I’d have to say us Europeans were like a person entering your home and taking ownership of it. While in your home this person starts making laws and collecting armaments to ensure you aren’t allowed in. Eventually you’re given a closet to live in, but you have no access to running water, heat or cooking implements.

Nobody can deny what we did to ‘take’ America, but they don’t have to because they’ll tell you that we had the might so we have the right. Some simply call it manifest destiny Before you get all upset (for those that do) we’re here and we’re obviously not going to move back ‘home.’

What we must do is have some empathy and humility for those that were here before us and what our ancestors did to them. Not only did taking this land give us our wealth, but we gained much of our quick rise on the backs of slaves.

So take a few minutes to read the post at The Unapologetic Mexican and then take a few moments to reflect on life, humanity, civility and basic human compassion.

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

(image from a moving train)


1 thought on “Don’t Worry About The Reconquista, We Have Manifest Destiny”

  1. Hi… miss me? 😉

    The hole in your conquering Europeans manifesto is that the use of the word “we” is incorrect. No one still living took anything from the American Indians, hence your tense is incorrect. In fact, I’d bet that none of your ancestors actually were involved in the big north american land grab.

    Since I subscribe to the breaking into ones home analogy, could you explain your response? What exactly is “breaking into a body”, I don’t get your analogy…

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