ICE Raids In Rhode Island: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Today’s SanctuarySphere post brings us the terrible story of ICE raids in Rhode Island courthouses yesterday leading to dozens of arrests. Once again people hard at work are rounded up like cattle and taken away while their families sit worried and waiting.  As more information is made available we’ll provide it here.

Another member of The Sanctuary brought up a good point over at Problem Chylde.  While the candidates get to ‘decide’ their stance on raids and immigration people are being arrested by ICE and thrown into detention.  These workers don’t have the luxury of waiting for the candidates to ‘get around to it.’  We need answers now!

Community says no to ICE Raids in Providence!

Bryan Monaghan
Story Created: Jul 15, 2008 at 10:11 PM EDT

Dozens of advocates and activists demonstrated outside of the downtown Providence ICE office on Tuesday night, protesting an late afternoon raid. Representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement tell ABC 6 that almost two dozen people were rounded up, from Kent County Courthouse in Warwick and from the Providence District Court building.

Dozens arrested in raids at courthouses – Providence Journal


Journal Staff Writers

Leonardo Tornes waits outside the ICE headquarters building in Providence last night. The Providence Journal / Ruben W. Perez PROVIDENCE — Federal immigration agents and state police raided six Rhode Island courthouses yesterday, arresting dozens of people employed by two contractors hired by the state. The detainees are all believed to be maintenance workers.

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symsess :: ICE Raids In Rhode Island: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere
At Para Justicia y Libertad read (and watch) Score Another for The Latinosphere on Kety Esquive’sl, from The Sanctuary, appearance on CNN yesterday. I know I was feeling a bit orgulloso just watching it. Good job!

An easy test of rhetoric to prove the sincerity of one presidential contender at Latina Lista.

A Nugget of Hope by Latino Politico on one man’s change of heart. This man is Robb Pearson and held the rally that got me involved in this issue. Thanks to Man Eegee for getting this out there. Also read On the Eve of Netroots Nation on Man Eegee’s trip to this year’s Netroots Nation.

Re-thinking the Paradigm: Thoughts on Migration in the 21st century at Standing FIRM. Also read Lies, Hate and Lack of True Journalism on a lack of sensible immigration coverage in the media and a terrible story also included in yesterday’s post Shackled While Giving Birth – Police Abuse 287(g).

Watch This American Life at Damn Mexicans on students, this story calls “the invisibles”, who work hard, get admitted to good schools, but have little hope of realizing their DREAMs. (video created by

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon Calls Joe “Shakiest Gun in the West!” at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Dream Act Texas gives us another item from to dispute a report by CIS in Defending the Contributions of Foreign Students. Also check out Viva la Causa: film set to release in September.

Video of Gitmo Interrogation and Hometown Associations: An Untapped Resource for Immigrant Integration?

Eristic Ragemail continues exposing nativism and its connection to white nationalism in The Continuing Marriage of neo-Nazi Extremists, Nativists and Racists.

Anti-BVBL has a past post on trying to find ways to help migrants in our communities in How DO we move forward towards positive community solutions?

Immigrants put on path to prosperity at Immigrants in the USA Blog. Also read One man realizes the American Dream and Immigrant Workers Vital, Va. Firms Say.

For those of us who see racism and prejudice as a real issue in the immigration debate (though many deny it) the cover of The New Yorker was a slap in the face. While they claim satire I believe this image only validates what many feel about Obama. Knowing where this country has been and what it’s facing the cover was simply irresponsible. Read “It’s Art” No Excuse for New Yorker Cover at Blog For Arizona.

Obama’s Grand Tour: the American Idol-ing of Empire? and Interview on Latino Fiction(s): McCain, Obama and “Latino Vote” Construct at Of América.

Charity clinics cropping up to serve Dallas-area immigrant workers at Bender’s Immigration Bulletin.

A few of the clinics have funding restrictions tied to immigration status. But doctors, nurses and clinic support staffers say checking for disease and injuries – not immigration documents – is their mission.

Immigrants Eager to Vote Sue to Hasten Citizenship at Nuestro Voice.

For those that enjoy a good Lou Dobbs piece here’s Lou Dobbs: The New Black Jack Pershing (Black Jack Lou)at La Progressive.

Daily Headlines: July 16, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

We all know that ALIPAC is trying to use the radio, and Gheen’s mellow voice, to get more marchers in the hate parade. But what’s odd when you look at some of these groups is the ads they allow in their spaces. That’s what the post “Because Patriots Never Run Out of Food” – ALIPAC Radio at American Humanity is about.


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