Center For Immigration Studies – Unbiased Immigration Experts?

(from Culture Kitchen)

Sadly many highly accredited news sources look to anti-migrant groups for quotes and statistics on immigration. The New York Times is no exception.

NYTimes uses spokesperson from a white-supremacist anti-immigration group as “the expert” for an article
by liza on 17 July 2008

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more about “NYTimes uses spokesperson from a whit…“, posted with vodpod

The New York Times uses an Associate Press article titled, Federal immigration failures fuel state action.

Mark Krikorian is the expert quoted. He is from the “Pat Buchanan” school of mainstreamed white supremacist political lobbying. His employer, the “Center For Immigration Studies“, is an alleged think tank that used to be the research arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Even though it has been spun-off and allegedly separated from the more radical FAIR, the Southern Poverty Law Center still considers the Center For Immigration Studies part of the list of anti-immigrant hate groups created by John Tanton.

The need for including pro- and con- voices on the immigration debate doesn’t bother me. What really irritates me is the Associated Press’ insistence on legitimizing an organization that has at its core blocking people of color from entering and settling in the United States.

I dare you to watch the video and follow the chain of racist organizations that support the CIS.


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