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First please check out Nezua’s knock-out piece at The Unapologetic Mexican in The Conquest and Theft of América, Pt. 13. This piece uses the recent anti-immigrant law passed in Rhode Island, and subsequent raid, to illustrate the terrible treatment of people that are not immigrants – they’re Indians.

Here’s a story about one of the migrants in Tuesday’s Rhode Island raids who was detained, but later released, Sandra Diaz of Guatemala. The article, from the Providence Journal, is titled ‘I am afraid … that they will deport me.’ As we all no you just don’t here selfish reasons for migrants risking so much to be here. In this article Sandra states:

“When I first came to this country, I came with a visa and I didn’t think of staying,” she said. “But my husband is very sick with kidney problems, and I was able to get work here cleaning, so I can send him money [in Guatemala].”

In yesterday’s SanctuarySphere post I wrote that the ProAmerican rally, held in Morristown, NJ, last year is where I got my first taste of the anti-migrant insanity. It was at that point that I decided to start American Humanity. It was painfully disgusting what I saw there. My post on this day can be found here in A Change Of Heart – One Year After the ProAmerica Rally.

symsess :: Not Immigrants. Indians: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere
Anti-BVBL writes about this ‘change of heart’ in One mans journey from “rule of law” to the golden rule. Anti-BVBL has to be given a lot of credit for their local advocacy struggle as they saw the terror that is “Help Save Manassas” and they got out and did something about it. They’re still doing something about it and should be seen as a model for how to take back your community.

Thankfully Morristown is not home to any anti-migrant groups and the mayor has all but ended his requests for any actions against undocumented migrants. However, there are still a number of groups in the New Jersey area and Pennsylvania set on pushing hateful laws through local government. One man who’d like to think he’s a pioneer on this front is Hazleton, PA’s Lou Barletta. Lou is running for congress so he can spread his anti-migrant agenda throughout the halls of our federal government as he’s tried to do in a small town where blaming migrants has taken precedence to actually helping the community.

Looks like Michael from A Blog For Arizona is number 45 of the most influential citizens in Arizona politics. Congrats. Check out Just Call Me Number 45. Also read This Bud’s for EU (Updated) and how the recent aquisition of Anheuser-Busch is effecting the McCains.

Agustin Renteria’s Tragedy at Dream Act Texas on a Houston drive being held on an immigration detainer after he crashed into an intoxicated drive. Also read What can you say now that PC Language is out of style.

New Report Details Abuse at Privately Run ICE Detention Center at Eristic Ragemail. “The 65-page report, “Voices From Detention,” examined the treatment of detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.”

At Greg Siskind’s Blog we have the immigration bills to watch in Bills Are Moving in Congress.

American Legion Immigration Report Replete with Falsehoods at Hatewatch. Hopefully someone can grab this story and delve into it.

The legion’s 34-page booklet, A Strategy to Address Illegal Immigration in the United States, asserts that “poverty, political instability, disease and war” are “on our back doorstep” because of porous borders and the failure of the government to stringently enforce immigration laws. But in making its case, the legion repeatedly cites dubious sources, ignores well-known facts and makes baseless claims – such as the false assertion that the undocumented infected more than 7,000 people in America with leprosy during a recent three-year period.

Breaking News at Immigration Equality Blog on the repeal of the HIV ban.  Yave wrote about this at length in Senate votes to repeal HIV travel ban Citizen Orange.

Rhode Island RED! at Immigration Prof Blog on Tuesday’s Providence raids. Also read Voting Rights Suit Challenging Naturalization Delays Proceeds and Labor Department continues crackdown on companies sponsoring foreign workers for permanent residence.

Also read Hazelton Mayor Maintains Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric which falls right in line with what I was discussing at the beginning of this post. An interesting note on Joey Vento, other than his speech given in a Harrisburg rally last year, is the fact it never occurred to him non-English speakers couldn’t read his sign. A PA based reformed Ku Klux Klan member, Joe Bednarsky, started a radio show with Vento as one of his first guests. On this show Bednarsky asks Vento some questions I had sent him – one of which is why he’d have a sign in English for people that can’t read it. Vento then had an epiphany exclaiming they shouldn’t be offended if they can’t read it. What the sign has always told me is that Vento is a crude businessman using the anti-immigrant rhetoric to further his sandwich shop. In a post titled What’s The Deal With PA And Anti-Migrants? I write about a few noteworthy business owners in PA who have gone out of their way to speak against migrants.

Read California’s high drop-out rates of Latino and black students are not surprising – it’s “expected” at Latina Lista. This stories illustrates a need to act as there’s no reason that all students can’t be expected to receive high marks and graduate.

Neat New Net Show: “Meet the Bloggers”) at Of América.

No match, No justice at Standing FIRM. Also read Helping Immigrants Prosper and RAIDS in Providence, Rhode Island!.

Jueves With Junot Diaz at Summerstage, NYC tonight. Check out Vivir Latino for more if you’re in the area. Also A More Apt Comparison on The New Yorker’s cover, Nearly 600 Dead in Mexican State on the effects of drug trafficking in Mexico, Long Hair, Religion and Rules Clash at Texas School on the desire of authorities to control one’s appearance and Justice For Jayson Tirado Press Conference on a New York man shot by an off duty police officer.

Arpaio Sued for Racial Profiling at Wild Chihuahuas. Also read WC’s take on the New Yorker cover in That New Yorker Cover.


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