Houston, Postville, Providence, Loveland, Oahu…. The Raids Continue: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

In MJM: A Sarcastic Thanks for Clearing Our Community at Anti-BVBL a Manassas youth thanks her town for helping to “cleanse” her town.  While a portion speaks ill of those working low paying jobs (which I don’t agree with) the majority of it brings the ‘crackdowns’ into perspective.

NYTimes: Pushing Back on Immigration at Standing FIRM. Also read the disturbing story Fake Cop threatens deportation and demands sex from pregnant woman and Human Rights Violations in NW Detention Center.

Also we read of another raid in Raids in Colorado!.
In Why people are undocumented – dreamacttexas 1st Anniversary Series DAT begins their series by giving us some examples of why people remain undocumented while reminding us that many cannot afford even the basic sustenance for sustaining life. We have a terrible example of human callousness in The Meaningless Dead. In Mexico strategizes for better treatment of undocumented migrants in the U.S. we learn that undocumented immigrants are being treated better in Mexico than the U.S.

4 ICE agents assaulted by 2 lightweight sisters? at Bender’s Immigration Bulletin.

Mexico relaxes penalties on undocumented at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Texas Going Blue? and Lopez Lomong an immigrant who will be competing for the U.S. in this year’s Olympics.

Hurricane potential off S. Texas coast leaves some wondering if Border Patrol will make good on threat to screen for undocumented at Latina Lista.

Another Nativist Myth Bites the Dust: Gallup Poll Indicates Most Mexicans Do Not Want to Emigrate to U.S. at Eristic Ragemail. While nativists claim we’re being “invaded” by a “horde” of Mexicans waiting for their opportunity to cross over the truth is many would prefer to remain in their own country.

Three posts at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American: Breaking News: Soap Opera Politics Vol 1 Issue 17: McCain adviser on Iraqi PM’s Obama endorsement: ‘We’re f**ked’. If anything affirms Arpaio’s desire for attention rather than actually protecting citizens in Maricopa County it’s this story Nickelbag Joe Arpaio, Media Hound, Racist or Nut, Part 2. One thing we often deal with here is anger of undocumented migrants that kill or hurt others as reason we should deport everyone. In Do Not Blame the Crimes of the One on the Many! we learn that one person doesn’t exemplify a whole group. I believe anyone who agrees with the ideas of this site believes we should work towards a world where these types of crimes don’t exist, but until then violent criminals should be prosecuted and hopefully reformed.

AALDEF () Voting Rights Trainings at Immigration Prof Blog. “AALDEF attorneys train 250 Asian American community leaders and organizations in 7 states on voter registration, voters’ rights on Election Day, and proper voter ID requirements.” Also New reports on immigration judges.

The reports provide biographic information about the judges, breakdowns on the proportion of asylum matters they decline, and how their records compare with other judges in the base city and for the nation as a whole.

Continuing we have Iraq War Hero Sues Over Naturalization Delay, New Immigration Articles From SSRN and El Gringo – a country western singer welcoming migrants with his canciónes.In Immigration Cases, Employers Feel the Pressure at Nuestra Voice.

Could you imagine a SD Minuteman leader behaving at home at Pro Inmigrant. Also check out Border Towns against The Fence, The Barrier, The Wall..

Smart Borders brings us a post relating the border wall to a similar wall being built in Israel in Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, Part 5.

Mexicans must be looking north where the wall is intended and then looking out to sea, where a hurricane is developing right now in the Gulf of Mexico; they must surely be wondering what a wall and levee in violation of international accords will do to their flood-level during the upcoming hurricane seasons.

Daily Headlines: July 22, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

America’s Sheriff? For Bush’s Overspent AmeriKa, Maybe at Wild Chihuahuas. “Be sure to catch the East Valley Tribune’s five-part series on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s conversion of the Sheriff’s Office to a state branch of ICE. Key findings”

Apparently Border Fire Report has no problem with racism. Read Border Fire Report – “Try McDonald’s Deportation Special, With Extra Salsa-To Go!” at American Humanity on the recent ruling against McDonalds.


43 Busted In Illegal Immigration Raid On Oahu – ABC News.

No surprise here – Not Guilty Pleas for Supervisors in Postville Immigration Raid – 13 News.

Employer arrests could follow Houston immigration raid – Houston Chronicle.


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