“Ummm Feels So Good” – Jon Justice And The Real Sick Mind

Glenn Beck’s Mexinol and Jon Lillpop’s Deportation Special With Extra Salsa are just two other examples of sick attempts at satire against Mexicans. The latest (that we know of) is Jon Justice’s video were he plays out a sick fantasy of control and sexual domination of a doll dressed as the Latino rights activist Isabel Garcia.

There’s a lot of anger and sadness in Hispanic communities due to the ICE raids where rights are refused and families are being torn apart. And it’s not just the undocumented that are being caught up in these raids. Hispanic residents and citizens are being targeted and jailed having to prove they’re here legally. Racial profiling is alive and well with minorities being fingered as “illegal” simply for not being of European heritage. Those of us fighting for human rights will tell you that injustice for one is injustice for us all. If anyone believes factions and disunity will spin the world proper you are sadly mistaken.

When it comes to Latino activism many whites have made up their mind that these repressed and marginalized people are somehow advocating for a take over. This propaganda is simply meant to tear apart the idea of community and create an “us against them” mentality that helps those in power stay in power. Imagine if all of us worked together to make this country better from the ground up. That is a powerful thought. Sadly though, there is such misdirected anger from “true Americans” and “patriots” that it will take a lot of work to get there.

It cannot be denied that minorities have suffered greatly in the United States. Some were enslaved and all, at one time or another, have been treated as sub-human both verbally and physically. We like to think those days are over, but sadly they’re not. When Isabel Garcia created a piñata of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a sheriff who’s made fighting undocumented immigration his number one goal, it was meant to demonstrate the frustration of the Latino community in Arizona. Their using a pinata with Arpaio’s face to act out rage can only be misinterpreted by those who have never been dominated, unjustly arrested and confined or treated as sub-human second class citizens.

You see, Sheriff Joe came to town recently to sign copies of his new book that blames all the ills of society on “illegals”. Well, that type of thing isn’t received the same way in Tucson as it is north of the Gila, so a protest was organized in conjunction with Sheriff Joe’s appearance. A piñata created in Arpaio’s likeness, wearing his trademark pink boxers, was…well, it was a piñata, so you can imagine. – from Latino Politico

Jon Justice decided to make a video and post it on You Tube in retaliation to her protest. Apparently the treatment of Latinos in his community which sparked their outrage wasn’t enough to satiate his anger against them and their “conquest“. So Jon, who is in the white privileged majority, fondles an effigy of Isabel Garcia and creates a demeaning characterization of her allowing him to control her thoughts and words. The only positive thing his characterization does is give those of us who fight against intolerance a look into the hateful mind. In these videos Jon becomes “Isabel” showing us what he thinks of all Latinos – they should bend and break when the white man says to – their struggle is a joke.

It would have been much more acceptable to me if he’d simply beat her with a stick (which protesters did Arpaio’s likeness) as beating someone is far less painful for a proud strong person than rape and mind control. Latinos have already suffered the beating, the racism, prejudice and ill treatment from whites so Jon’s little skit is simply a reconstruction of many tragic and sick moments in history.

While Isabel allowed others to act out frustration and anger Jon simply acted out a sad reality of our society through both misogyny and the domination of a minority.

In Justice’s video the person he holds and fondles is not one that has hurt other people, but one that works to help them. Therefore any issue he has with her opinions should not have turned into his portrayal of rape, misogyny or the domination of another human being.

If you don’t know let’s look at who Isabel Garcia is:

There is no greater promoter of human rights and advocate for migrant families in Baja Arizona than Isabel Garcia. She was a recipient of the 2006 Premio Naciónal de Derechos Humanos, presented by the Mexican government for the first time to someone who wasn’t born there, in order to get an idea of the scope of work she’s done. Rather than accept the award, however, she took the opportunity to call a press conference and demand that the affluent and elite south of border do more to promote economic justice among the working classes. It was a perfect example of Isabel’s work to keep the focus on the underlying roots of human migration and exploitation, rather than on herself. – from Latino Politico.

While Isabela has dedicated her life to advocating and fighting for others while Jon Justice works for an Arizona radio station, 104.1 “The Truth”, and is essentially being paid to act out his fantasies on Isabel’s effigy. Quite the opposite she’s not looking for ratings or applause or thank you’s. She’s looking for the proper and humane treatment of Latinos and all human beings.

Let’s look at the what’s done and said in the video (links to the video are at the end of this post):

In the video Jon Justice holds an effigy of Isabel in some sick reminder of the way many women are treated. Imagine this was really Isabel being held against her will and treated like a subservient minority female.

“Do we have to keep her in the studio? I want to take her home. Can we take her home?”

In the background we hear a man say “Viva la raza.”

The crowd filming and watching the ironically named Justice laugh and giggle as their funnyman plays out sick fantasies of dominance and control on Isabel’s image. One man states “you are totally creeping me out right now.” Justice replies “we’re not hate radio we’re love radio, we love, we do nothing but love” in a voice meant to imply eroticism. Justice finally wakes up out of his fantasy and says “I’m creeped out too.” You’s think that would be it, but no – next he’s reminded to put the sombrero hanging up behind him on the doll’s head.

What’s ironic in the video is the fact that he says he was doing a radio show at the recruiters office “supporting our military” when he received the doll. This recruitment center more than likely takes in many Hispanic youth from Arizona for deployment to Iraq. There are many documented and undocumented Latinos in our military so I suppose his way of supporting them is taking a well known and respected Latina activist and fondling her.

As he carries her he states “she’s actually kind of light. Chorizo’s not that fattening.” “Chorizo” of course is sausage which I imagine was a phallic gesture. This gains many laughs from his followers. He continues “Plus all that work they do there out on the border. You lose a lot of weight out in the sun.”

In some childlike pride he decides to show his boss but cannot find her. When he finds the offices empty he says in a Hispanic imitation – “it’s okay we can come back whenever.” “I love the Jon Justice show. The Jon Justice show is the greatest show ever. Next it sounds as if the cameraman states “Jon Justice te amaré” but I’m not sure. Jon then goes on to have Isabel state “I don’t know what that means. I don’t actually know Spanish. I do know that carrying around the likeness of law enforcement’s severed head is fun. It’s a fun thing to do. Kids beating up a piñata, is fun for the children. It’s not bad. We’re not evil. It’s fun for the children to beat up the likeness of law enforcement. It’s my first amendment right. Viva la raza!” Between his imitation of a female voice and the low quality of the audio it’s hard to make everything out, but he goes on “Viva Jon Justice. I say I hate him, but I don’t. It’s the best radio ever. Listen to the show, I do.” Then he pops out from behind the doll and says “How do you say bye in Spanish? After being told he has her say “adios. bye bye.”

Moving into the second video it seems as though Jon has become so smitten with his new doll that he actually believes it to be real. For those that have seen “Lars And The Real Girl” it’s moving into that territory. We understand by now that Justice does not like Isabel and has no problem making sure everyone is well aware she is a Latina.

In the second video he addresses questions people have had about the first video. Rather than being apologetic for his belittling another human being through dominance and racism he continues.

Someone asks if the show created her to which Justice has Isabel respond “I was created from the dust of the migrant trail.” While over 100 people have tragically died, since October, trying to cross into the United States Justice, born into American privilege, jokes about the work Isabel does to help these people.

Next he responds to the fact he was fondling her in the previous video. To this he has Isabel say “No, you did not fondle me at all. As a matter of fact when you held me it felt so warm, so nice. Having you hold me in your arms made me feel warm like the inside of a freshly cooked chimichanga and I thank you for that. I would really love to go home with you because I’m bored here. I’m bored. (yelling)” (I think he says bored – it’s hard to tell.)

Then he brings up someone stating the chorizo comment was racist to which he has Isabella reply – “Not at all. I love chorizo, I love nachos. I love jalapeños, burritos, enchiladas, all kinds of Mexican food and – ” (I can’t make out the last comment.)

The last question was in regard to his using a Spanish, or “Mexican” accent, as Jon says. He asks her “is that offensivee?” He has her reply “What? My name is Isabel Garcia – I am sort of a recreation of a member of the group called Coalición Derechos Humanos which last time I checked was a Latino, Mexican organization. So no, no offense at all. Viva la raza. Viva Jon Justice. Viva _” (can’t make this last comment out.)

Regardless how you feel about the immigration issue this type of racist belittling of a woman fighting for justice should not be tolerated. Justice should be ashamed of himself. There is a proper way to express your disagreement with others and playing out rape, dominance and mind control fantasies on your opponents image is callous and disturbing. When Justice fondles Isabel he is essentially foundling all Latinas. When he mocks here ethnicity he is mocking the ethnicity of all Latinos and Latinas. This insanity must stop.

The Unapologetic Mexican blog eloquently states:

Now, I’m not here to just share anger. This is an assault not just on those who would stand for human rights and for the voiceless, this is an assault on women, on powerful women, on public defenders, and on the first amendment right, which Isabel exercised and which set off this vengeful, sick retribution by a grinning, sweaty, leering radio personality too used to privilege and the unchecked power to spread mental disease and instigate harm.

Please visit Latino Politico’s post – Piñata Pr0n Extraordinaire Jon Justice

And The Unapologetic Mexican post – Jon Justice and his Rape Fantasy Revenge

(The videos can be seen here and the bottom of the post gives you information on how to act to get this insanity off the radio.)

– here’s another good article on this idiocy – Tucson radio wing nut “Jon Justice” gets panties in twist over Joe Arpaio pinata – Feathered Bastard.

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