ALIPAC.US – Thanks For Supporting Migrants: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Today’s top story in the Sanctuarysphere is about the anti-migrant group ALIPAC.US.  It’s been alleged by members of the watchdog site, ALIPAC.Net, that they weren’t paying their payroll taxes.  In a beautiful twist of irony, the person who claims to have alerted the IRS, if they turn in the forms to claim the reward, will use the money as donation to help the people in Postville. Read Anti-Immigration Group Caught Not Paying Taxes at Damn Mexicans. Who doesn’t pay taxes Mr. Gheen?

The Politics of Humanity: Who Let This Vato Go On Air at Para Justicia y Libertad. In reference to the story of Isabel Garcia this article tells us of frustration and the desiccation of tears which occurs when one’s seen so much sadness.

No matter how carefully orchestrated, deportation dehumanizes people who come to this country to work hard to produce the many luxuries to which many like Jon Justice and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have grown accustomed – clean offices and classrooms, the food that is prepared for them at the restaurants they frequent, the food that is ready to buy at their local grocery stores, the homes they live in, and keeping this nation safe by serving the military.

Update on the Luis Ramirez Story: Three teens charged in beating death of Luis Ramirez at Latino Politics Blog. You can also read more at Mexico Trucker in A Turning Point? – 3 Pennsylvania teens charged in immigrant’s death.

VIDEO: Child Describes Effect of Postville Raids at Standing FIRM. Read Committee Hearing on Immigration (Part 1) and Committee Hearing on Immigration (Part 2).

Committee member Luis Gutierrez (IL-4) strongly disagreed with this version of the Postville legal proceedings. He pointed out, various times, that immigrants, many of whom did not understand the charges against them, were pressured and intimidated into signing plea agreements, without adequate legal counsel.

High death rate among Hispanic workers at Working Immigrants.

Blabbeando highlights another sick story where the victim becomes the antagonist, in this case, because of their “lifestyle’ in Update: Police say murder of transgender Latina teen was “provoked by her lifestyle”.

Immigration Raids at Casa Fiesta at DMI Blog.

VivirLatino Featured in Latin Week New York at Vivir Latino. Also Betancourt’s Health is Good, Questions Around Rescue Continue.

Mother Jones on Texas’ Immigration Detention Industry & Hutto at T Don Hutto Blog.

At Orcinus read about PA Congressman Darly Metcalfe, a politicians who focuses on immigration and wrote a little anti-migrant pamphlet “Invasion PA”, in You lie down with dogs … The “dogs” in this case are white supremacists.

Joe Arpaio said it’s an Honor to be called K.K.K. at Pro Inmigrant. Arpaio believes being called the KKK means you’re “doing something.” Sure, it means you’re doing something the KKK would do. Also watch What if I Told you that Arizona Anti Immigrant Law had a Racist touch?

Dying while crossing: 67 dead near McAllen in at Dream Act Texas. Also DAT details a CIS report on the falling number of undocumented migrants in Not sure if this is good or bad… And Exactly what we’ve been saying all this time! gives us Marisa Treviño’s article in the USA Today titled Why not let students ‘become someone’? on giving DREAMers a chance.

At The Unapologetic Mexican read Garcia Lorca’s Moon and Panoramo of the Insects.

Though I haven’t seen it a colleague was telling me he enjoyed the first installment of “Black in America” and couldn’t wait to get home and watch part II. Now I’m putting together this post and read Extremist Steve Sailer is Source for CNN’s ‘Black in America’ Series at Hatewatch. Why do extremist groups get tapped as experts so often? Maybe two words can sum it up – “well funded.” Seller spoke of “white guilt” quoting –

So many whites want to be able to say, ‘I’m not one of them, those bad whites. … Hey, I voted for a black guy for president,'” Sailer wrote.

If you ask me it’s Seller that cannot see past a man or woman’s color. By his logic a man of color is not fit to be president so the only way he can obtain that position is through guilt.At Immigrants In The USA Blog City to offer translation services to immigrants in New York. In Milwaukee State agency awards grant to schools with immigrant students and Latino groups unite to launch $5-million voter registration drive. In Philadelphia we have Phila. Summer Program Helps Refugees Conquer English which is nice to see since they’re home to Joey Vento and Lou Barletta who push English while refusing to help others learn it. In one more wonderful story we read of people helping others in Home state groups jump-start active citizenship in immigrants.

Marielena Hincapié is NILC’s New Executive Director at Immigration Prof Blog. Also McCain losing Latino voters and a list of webinar training session in ILRC Webinars and The NY Highest Court enjoined landlord from evicting tenant based on his alleged undocumented status.

Delivered by Midwives, Fighting for Passports at Just News on many fighting to prove they were born in the U.S.

Daily Headlines: July 25, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.


13 thoughts on “ALIPAC.US – Thanks For Supporting Migrants: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere”

  1. The statements on your website or blog that William Gheen or Americans for Legal Immigration PAC did not pay proper payroll taxes or have been fined by the IRS is a hoax. Please remove this false information that alleges illegal actions by Gheen or ALIPAC. It is a false rumor circulated by Tony Cheek and Robert Quasius (Online Avatar ‘Watchman’)

    William Gheen and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC are in good standing with the IRS and have not been assessed any penalties or fines for non-payment of payroll taxes. All appropriate taxes have been paid to our knowledge.

    Mr. Bob Quasius has not received any reward from the IRS for turning in Americans for Legal Immigration PAC for tax violations.

    Mr. Robert Quasius, aka Watchman, and Tony Cheek have made numerous false statements about William Gheen and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and circulated these false allegations on the web and to major organizations and media across America.

    After reviewing their numerous false claims, ZERO MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS have reported their fake research and no other significant organization has joined them in their smear campaigns. This is because their claims have been reviewed and found lacking in truth.

    Mr. Quasius has filed false reports of this kind with the IRS, NC Secretary of State, and Federal Elections Commission.

    Both the NC Secretary of State office and Federal Elections Commission thoroughly investigated his numerous false claims and found them to be without merit and unworthy of further action or investigation. Mr. Quasius has squandered thousand of dollars of your tax monies in his crazed vendetta towards William Gheen and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

    We do believe Mr. Quasius has attempted a similar tactic with the IRS, but the IRS has NEVER COMMUNICATED with us, regarding his attempts to harm our organization via the IRS. Our Treasurer is in regular contact with both the FEC and IRS and to our knowledge we are in full compliance.

    Mr. Quasius makes the false leap of logic because employer taxes were not listed on our FEC reports, when I was the lone employee of ALIPAC that these taxes were not paid. I have paid all appropriate taxes to the IRS and I have paid extra self-employment taxes out of my pay to spare the organization that extra expense in the past. We have recently changed practices because we now have multiple employees and I had ALIPAC pay employer taxes to help cover the tax bill for the first time this year.

    It appears at this time that Mr. Quasius is now conducting a hoax, since he has failed to generate any real problems or fines against ALIPAC.

    We encourage your site to remove this false information and false allegations of criminal wrongdoing, and to treat information coming from Tony Cheek and Bob Quasius with more skepticism in the future.

    If you have any doubts this is a hoax, simply ask Mr. Cheek or Mr. Quasius to provide an image file, for public display on the web, of the official IRS notification backing their claims. When no authentic image file is presented, our claim that this is a hoax will be substantiated.

    With the issuance of this rebuttal, I openly challenge Bob and Tony to produce documentation for all to see or to admit their hoax. I will also forewarn them that it is against the law to make false claims of criminal conduct by others and against the law to forge, falsify, or modify the forms and communications of any Federal agency with prosecutorial power like the IRS.

    We are sorry that your website is now encountering the same kind of problems Mr. Quasius has caused for numerous public agencies by circulating claims for which he has no real evidence. It is clear that he is obsessed with William Gheen and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, since we kicked him off our website for the same behavior.

    Please delete this hoax.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

  2. While this form letter, apparently not posted by Gheen himself but one of his internet fighter pilots, attempts to be civil the name you’ve left “La Migra” is quite tasteless.

    Since Gheen gets paid, and pays others, to fight a singular and ridiculous battle maybe it is he that should prove that this allegations are untrue.

    Have your internet fighter pilots take a day off and put together the financial for your PAC. Is there an annual report of some sort you can send?

    Either way I have no personal proof that this allegation is true, but I will not take the post down since I do not say it is true.

    Since many Hispanics are pulled over and forced to prove they’re legal citizens and residents because of groups like yours – now you too can prove you are not guilty rather than putting the onus on the accusing party.

  3. Unlike William, the watchman’s got a life so I’m going to post this for him.

    ALIPAC’s FEC filings speak for themselves. They show that until April 2008 ALIPAC paid no employer taxes and withheld no income taxes. You can find ALIPAC’s financial reports filed with the FEC at

    When this question first came up at, William Gheen claimed he was an independent contractor and therefore ALIPAC did not need to pay employer taxes. When challenged with the criteria for independent contractors, Gheen promptly scurried away from HB never to return and answer our questions.

    Even a cursory review of IRS criteria for independent contractors shows Gheen met only half of the 15 necessary criteria for someone to be an independent contractor. As an officer of ALIPAC, essential to ALIPAC and paid on a regular basis with no end date, criteria for completion of a contract, etc. Gheen cannot be an independent contractor.

    Gheen’s claims that only now does ALIPAC need to pay payroll taxes because there is more than one employee is false. FEC reports going back years show the same number of employees: President William Gheen and various treasurers.

    There is no other logical reason for ALIPAC to suddenly pay $5,000 to the U.S. Treasury, and start paying payroll taxes each month, after several years of paying nothing. Shame on ALIPAC for throwing rocks at immigrants claiming they don’t pay taxes, when they do through payroll deduction like the rest of us, and all the while ALIPAC wasn’t paying employer taxes or withholding income taxes from employee’s wages either! What hypocrisy!

  4. ALIPAC is opposed to illegal immigration and supports enforcement of our existing immigration laws. ALIPAC encourages LEGAL immigration and supports legal immigrants. In fact, that is mainstream thought as the vast majority of Americans feel the same way. What is racist and hateful about that?

    Furthermore, ALIPAC is on the up and up and has never been called into question by the IRS, NC Secretary of State, or the Federal Elections Commission.

    The “dot net” group (fake alipac) is obviously jealous of ALIPAC’s clout, membership and success. Since they are opposed to any enforcement of our immigration laws and are fully in favor of anarchy and lawlessness in regards to illegal immigration, they engage in a baseless and fabricated smear campaign against ALIPAC.

    Consider the source, consider the messenger and just ignore them. They just hate it when you ignore them since it clearly shows no one takes them seriously or cares a whit for their fabrications.

  5. DR 388

    RESPONDENT: Americans Against Illegal Immigration PAC and John W. Leuthold in his official capacity as treasurer

    SOURCE: FEC Initiated (Reports Analysis Division)

    SUBJECT: Failure to disclose all financial activity

    NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: The FEC’s routine review of the American Illegal Immigration PAC’s disclosure reports revealed that the committee failed to disclose all financial activity on its original 2005 Year End Report. The committee filed an amended Year End Report, disclosing additional receipts totaling $83,571.85, additional disbursements totaling $75,764.62 and additional debt totaling $98,715.26.

    The Committee claimed that the omissions occurred because of difficulties with reporting software and explained that the problem was corrected.

    In a negotiated settlement with the FEC, respondents agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty and take measures to prevent future similar errors.

    Never had problems with the law eh?

  6. Geez Zeezil, 10,000 of ALIPAC’s contributors money (about1/8 of it) down the drain because of William not doing his job. Are you sure you want to defend this guy?

  7. I take that back zeesil, the 10,000 dollar fine was in 2005 when ALIPAC’s contributions were much lower. So it was much larger than 1/8.

    Keep donating alipacers, I’m sick of supporting you people with my taxes. Get a job and stop mooching off us. Whatever money the government collects is long overdue.

  8. Sorry Zeezil, AAIM is actually the more successful PAC that out raises ALIPAC that was caught and fined. I thought I remember reading in FEC filings that AlIPAC had similar problems. Let me look into it before you confronting William. Zeezil look at how much you’re paying for William’s cell phone and gas mileage. Don’t you people look into where your money goes?

  9. I see Said is off in his delusional fantasy-land psychosis again. Take your meds, Said…stop your lying and deceit and try to get a life. It’s pathetic how obsessed and jealous you and your munchkins are over at the fake alipac site.

  10. God, you people are stupid. Check out the facts:

    FEC finds no reason to believe Americans for Legal Immigration PAC violated Act
    MUR 5896 alleged that Americans for Legal Immigration PAC – 2006 (ALIPAC) and ALIPAC’s President, William Gheen, violated the Act by failing to disclose in-kind contributions and other receipts. The Commission found no reason to believe ALIPAC violated the Act and dismissed allegations against Mr. Gheen.

  11. zeezil my dear friend,

    What you are giving as a link and what report do not seem to be from the same issue.

    That being said I don’t care. Read my latest post titled ALIPAC and Taxes It Really Doesn’t Matter.

    You’re right though z – I feel like an idiot because I should have written about something more important at the top of my post. I’m sure you realize that this post is merely pointing to another blog and summarizing its claim as it does many other blogs.

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