Gheen’s Article – “Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish!”

Gheen and other nativist anti-migrants say a lot of silly things, but now he’s stated something I didn’t even know was possible. In a recent article titled Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish! he states that Hispanics “flagrantly speak Spanish.” I didn’t realize it was possible to flagrantly speak any language.

The statement comes from this line:

Did Obama fail to notice that we have millions of illegal aliens in America, not tourists, who flagrantly speak Spanish without regard or respect for America’s majority?

Oh, yes. Just who are America’s majority? White Europeans, of course.

I bet the “being forced” he’s referring to, in the title, is similar to the way that Hispanics “take” jobs.

What’s even more ridiculous about Gheen’s article is his belief that news media are “covering” for Obama. I suppose all the accidental “Osamas” and “Osama Bin Ladens” when meaning to say “Obama” are another way the media tries to lift up his name and image. And the comment on Fox by Liz Trotta that assassinating Obama would be good is another great way to help him out.

Somehow an Obama comment claiming we should all be bilingual turned into this toward the end of the article:

We are forced to watch as violent drug and human smuggling crime syndicates turn Mexican and American streets into kill zones and forced to watch our fellow Americans FALLING DOWN, as they succumb to meth and cocaine addictions, the loss of wages, the loss of jobs, and the loss of their homes, and the loss of the lives of their loved ones due to rampant illegal immigration and the gangs, corporations, and politicians who are responsible for this crisis.

Gheen can’t see past illegal immigration. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a hard time driving his car with all those images of drug dealers pouring in from Mexico to feed the ill substance to Americans of all pay scales and social classes.

And finally we get the punch to the gills from Gheen at the end of the article:

We are forced to watch as two absolutely pathetic candidates bend over backwards to pander to the Hispanic vote by offering Amnesty for illegal aliens and more funding for racist groups like La Raza.

Of course it all boils down to the racist organization founded to help people that have been oppressed by the white privilege.

Yes we are being forced to watch – watch the U.S. turn into a hate filled mess of horrors, and I was forced to read this terrible article. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “Gheen’s Article – “Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish!””

  1. …Hatred strikes me as one of the few signs of life remaining in the world. This is another thing about the world which is upsidedown: all the friendly and likable people seem dead to me; only the haters seem alive.WalkerPercyWalker Percy, The Moviegoer

  2. Here is my take on this. I am an older person and 20 plus years ago we didn’t have to press 2 for Spanish. Most legal Hispanic citizens are bi-lingual so there is no need for that. This has all come about to illegal immigration from those south of the border. Now this may be a small inconvenience but it is what is represents that bothers me. It represents that businesses are catering to illegal aliens and is a reminder of just how many illegal aliens there are in this country. 20 plus years ago, we never saw employment ads “must be bi-lingual to apply” either. Americans have to now speak Spanish to get a job in there own country to service illegal aliens? That is what Mr. Gheen meant when he stated that we are being forced to learn Spanish now. Is this fair? No! Is it a slap in the face to law abidng Americans? Yes!

    It is sad that Hispanic citizens will only cast their votes to a candidate who promises amnesty for these illegals who just happen to be ethnically like themselves. This reeks of ethnicity and racism! Americans are supposed to stand up for the rule of law not be racists for their own kind.

    Yes, I know that there was a lot of racism among whites long ago but we are trying to move away from that and have come a long ways. For what? So we can replace it with the new brown racism?

  3. This is not true. Many people I work with don’t know Spanish and they’re getting paid just fine. Gheen probably saw a job for an English/Spanish translator and assumed that the required ability to speak Spanish somehow pertains to every job.

    Yes, some whites are trying to move away from it, but the minutemen yelling “fu*& you brown boy” at the NCLR conference certainly weren’t and neither are many others. Today people don’t have to be outwardly racist because they can simply say “illegal.”

    I suppose you think those African-Americans who supported each other after being freed were racists too? Man oh man are we in trouble.

  4. Of course there are English only speakers still employed in this country but why should ANY employer other than for a translator job or perhaps the tourist industry demand that Americans speak Spanish to get a job there? There are more and more employment ads demanding bi-linguals to fill these jobs. Good jobs such as government ones also.

    I have heard every bit of disgusting language and actions on the part of the pro-illegal side so two wrongs don’t make a right! How about “all whites are illegally here and must go back to Europe” just for starters!!!

    The Civil Rights Movement has nothing to do with the illegal alien problem we have in this country. The Civil Rights Movement happened because of racism towards Black citizens. These illegal are not citizens and it is about enforcing our immigration laws, not racism!!!

  5. It is sad that Hispanic citizens will only cast their votes to a candidate who promises amnesty for these illegals who just happen to be ethnically like themselves. This reeks of ethnicity and racism! Americans are supposed to stand up for the rule of law not be racists for their own kind.

    “Racist for their own kind.”

    Those are your words and by “their own kind” you mean Hispanic. Last I checked Hispanics have suffered racism too and now when they are trying to move out of this era and work to help pull each other up you call them racists.

    “These illegals are not citizens.” – I wasn’t talking about “these illegals.” You said Hispanic voting Americans would only vote for “their own kind.” I hope that clears things up for you.

    All us whites don’t need to go back to Europe, but let’s try and have a little humility as to how we came to be privileged in this nation.

    As far as speaking Spanish being a requirement give me some examples by providing links. It’s kind of odd that with English as the main language of International communication you guys think Spanish is taking over. Last I checked they weren’t teaching Spanish in ever other country as a requirement for their children while I do believe English is taught.

    I volunteer to help students from other countries with their English who have already been studying it since they were children. Should I start helping them with their Spanish too?

  6. What has so-called discrimination against legal, citizen Hispanics to do with illegal aliens? It is a seperate issue! I know of no discrimination for the most part of Hispanics who are legally in this country.

    No, I didn’t say that Hispanics would only vote for their own kind (but I am sure that is true for the most part). What I said is that they will only vote for a candidate that will promise amnesty for their illegal counterparts in here. That is racism!

    I see no reason for whites to feel humility about anything about the past. We had nothing to do with the past and most of our ancestors came here after this country became the USA with immigration laws.

    I have already given you some examples of how Spanish is taking over or being given equal status in this country slowly but surely. There are some schools in the southwest that are mandating Spanish as a course in school now. You should know that already. This is only the beginning of what to be and it directly due to the huge influx of illegal alien Spanish speakers into this country.

  7. It’s important to remember that just because some one from another country has immigrated here, (legally or illegally), does not mean that they have obtained a full grasp the the English language yet. It may take decades and or a generation to fully assimilate. I don’t think it’s asking too much to help them learn our ways and language. It would benefit the whole country if we worked together towards that end. Requiring an applicant to know a second language does not mean that an employer is putting that second language above English. It only means that they are trying to help their customers or employees to fully understand what is going on around them and reduce the risk of misunderstanding. It’s a simple safeguard for the sake of clarity while the immigrant does assimilate.

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