ALIPAC And Taxes – It Really Doesn’t Matter

It’s being circulated around the blogosphere (and I helped it along) that ALIPAC failed to comply with tax laws. The group alleges to have discovered this and has a discussion regarding this claim in their forum. While there is no clear message from leadership if this is true there seem to be an army of commenters cutting and pasting message from Gheen stating the claim is false.

I picked the story up from Damn Mexicans blog and posted it in my daily rundown of blogs yesterday with the title “ALIPAC – Thanks For Supporting Migrants.” Since then Damn Mexicans has written a new post titled What’s Going on Mr. Gheen? looking for answers from Gheen himself.

The truth is I don’t really care if Gheen or ALIPAC pay their taxes or not. It would obviously be very stupid of a group claiming to be “patriotic” which also claims migrants don’t pay taxes to themselves fail to pay taxes to their government and fail to obey the law. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t some possibility that the claims being made by are true.

But no matter if pays taxes or not it will do nothing to help the many migrants suffering in the U.S. under a broken immigration system. It doesn’t matter one small kernel of a bit to those people suffering in the many raids by ICE happening all around the country. Not one child missing their father or mother and not one person sitting in a detention center waiting for a hearing is going to gain any amount of satisfaction because Gheen may or may not have ‘played by the rules.’

Therefore I feel I have done a disservice to the real suffering going on around this country by even posting on this alleged finding by While I find the idea that Gheen didn’t pay some tax or another, and that a reward for turning him in will go to help migrants, a beautiful irony I don’t think it was really the most important story for me to write on. Unfortunately the whole thing’s turned into a twisted mess.

While I have to give The Watchman over at for diligently fighting against Gheen’s hate machine it has never been part of my routine to try and dish up dirt on group leaders or other bloggers. In all honesty (and in stupidity I’m sure) I’d rather find out that Gheen changed his views rather than discover he broke the law.

For all those people suffering who I try to help through my on-line endeavors I apologize. To my fellow bloggers I apologize as well. While there seems to be something to this story it just isn’t that important with everything else going on.


8 thoughts on “ALIPAC And Taxes – It Really Doesn’t Matter”

  1. My defense is that the FEC does not regulate taxes. We are in full compliance with the FEC. The IRS regulates taxes. We are in full compliance with the IRS. You are not the IRS, you are an opposition blogger. The source of these false claims is Bob Quasisus who already filed a complaint with the IRS and several other agencies a year ago. The FEC and NC offices rejected his false claims. The IRS has also taken no actions. I am under no onus to answer inquiries from my political opposition. You, however, have a legal responsibility not to make false claims about criminal conduct in writing when you have no evidence of such.

  2. I believe they do have evidence, but I’m not one to disseminate it so at this time I have no desire to pass judgment one way or the other.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. “We are in full compliance with the IRS.”

    Mr. Gheen is not a liar and we are not a “hate” machine. = grasping at twisted straws, nothing much else for a losing team to do. (other than cry racist)

  4. The evidence that ALIPAC.US paid no payroll taxes is in plain view for all to see.

    All federal political action committees, including ALIPAC.US, are required to file detailed financial reports to the FEC, which includes disbursements. Here’s a link to all of ALIPAC.US’s electronic filings:
    Earlier paper filings can also be found on the FEC web site.

    Prior to April 2008 ALIPAC.US’s own FEC reports show monthly payroll to Gheen and their treasurer, but no payroll taxes.

    After being reported to the IRS by The Watchman, suddenly in April 2008 ALIPAC.US started paying employer taxes and withholding income taxes from wages through a payroll service. On top of that is a $5,000 payment for “payroll taxes” direct to the U.S. Treasury.

    ALIPAC.US’s total disbursements for taxes in Q2 were 68% of payroll, which is extraordinarily high. Without the $5,000 payment (a fine?) taxes were 31% of wages, in line with what one would expect.

    Here’s a summary for Q2 of 2008:
    Date Description Amount
    4/11/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,417.12
    4/14/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    5/15/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,409.12
    5/15/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    5/16/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    6/3/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    6/6/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,385.12
    6/16/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    6/23/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    4/24/2008 U.S. Treasury (“Payroll Taxes”) $5,000.00

    Now here’s one for Q1 of 2008:
    1/11/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    2/4/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    3/5/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    Zero payroll taxes and withheld income taxes were disbursed in Q1 of 2008 and prior years! In other words, ALIPAC.US didn’t pay a penny of payroll taxes nor withhold income taxes from wages, at the same time ALIPAC.US was trashing immigrants falsely claiming immigrants don’t pay taxes!

  5. CHUCK
    “There will be no “path to citizenship” given to any illegal alien. That means no amnesty. Not in any shape, manner, or form. I would not allow tax dollars to be used to pay for illegal aliens’ education, social services, or medical care. As President, I would end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. There would be no “anchor babies” during my administration.’
    “A Baldwin Administration will support our U.S. Border Patrol, not with meaningless words, but with action. And I guarantee you this: The day before my inauguration as President will be the last day the that Mr. Ramos and Mr. Campean will have to spend in prison. They will be released from prison on the first day that I that I am President and be returned to their jobs with the US Border Patrol if they still want them. Their persecution by the Bush Administration has been a disgrace and a nightmare for these gentlemen and their families. The nightmare ends the day I become President!”

  6. Gheen needs to make sure ALIPAC.US itself is following the ‘rule of law.’ That doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to paying taxes!

    Just a quick look at ALIPAC.US’s FEC filings shows ALIPAC.US paid no employer taxes and withheld no income taxes from wages for several years.

    Finally, after the author of this post turned ALIPAC.US in to the tax man finally now ALIPAC.US is paying taxes and withholding income taxes. The Q2 FEC filing shows that for each month’s salary, employer taxes were paid and income taxes withheld. However, above and beyond taxes on three months of salary is a $5,000 payment for “payroll taxes” to the U.S. Treasury, not ALIPAC.US’s payroll service. I call upon William Gheen to explain the $5,000, as this appears to be a hefty fine for non-payment of previous taxes!

    ALIPAC.US continues to insist that immigrants don’t pay taxes, while in fact immigrants pay taxes through payroll deduction like the rest of us (except ALIPAC.US prior to April of 2008).

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