Luis Ramirez-The Strangest Turn – Long Island Wins

Nobody gets a kick out of reporting murder though you’d think that some anti-migrant officials and groups salivate at the idea of tallying up deaths caused by undocumented immigrants. Mayor Lou Barletta is no exception as we see in the following post from Long Island Wins.

Luis Ramirez-The Strangest Turn – Long Island Wins

In this post we learn that the good mayor has taken Ramirez’s death as an opportunity to point out the undocumented migrants have been responsible for the murder of American citizens.

The first thing that should be noted is pro-migrant supporters base their views in human rights and compassion; therefore, we do not condone nor defend cold-blooded murderers. In the case of Luis Ramirez we not only have a hate crime against a Mexican undocumented immigrant, but the fact that it was carried out by teenagers is a sick reminder of the mindset becoming a plague in American society. Mayors such as Barletta and business owners such as Vento and Balsamico only help to fuel this rage. Similarly they fuel the mindset that makes cold statements such as Ramirez wouldn’t be dead if he wasn’t in the U.S. Maybe what we should be saying is that Ramirez wouldn’t be dead if he wasn’t Hispanic because that’s the truth. These kids would have paid no attention to an undocumented migrant from Europe – which are oft forgotten, but do exist.

The truth is that all the undocumented migrants could be deported and we’d still have murder in the United States. We must cure the mindset that drives one to kill and I can tell you that the hatred being bred in the anti-migrant groups is not a good way to start. There are indeed compassionate ways to deal with the issue of undocumented immigration and they do not require walls, guns or goons.


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