The Multiplicity of ALIPAC

Though I’ve never seen the Michael Keaton box office hit Multiplicity I do remember the movie from previews.

The plot per IMDB is “A man who never has enough time for the things he wants to do is offered the opportunity to have himself duplicated.”

I believe Gheen and his internet fighter pilots have been using this movie as a training video. However, in duplicating themselves online they come up with different names too. They come up with names such as “Martinez”, “US News”, “North American Union”, “Pakistani ISI”, “Bob Buddy”, “Stop Lying”, “nbcoalition”, “LaMigra”, “North Korea”, “IRS” and so on. Over at Citizen Orange I’ve seen so many names coming from the same person (I.P. Address) it’s beyond ridiculous. The last manifestation of the commenter at CO came in the form of a Native American named “Willie Redfeather Jones.”

My favorite, spurred from the post where alleged that failed to pay employer taxes, comes form the person known as “Martinez.”

Peeps, those biotches Tony and Bob are liars. Check it on Hispanic Business forum. Those sh&*s don’t got nothing. They done this before. They making us looke racist. This is not helping my family. Fucking dumb asses are hurting immigrants with the lies. Do not fall in this sh&*.

It’s one thing to pose under some weird name and spout out some garbage, but to post as a Hispanic person supposedly trying to aid a pro-migrant site by giving them advise is repulsive. After some research it seems “Martinez” posts through an IP from “hidemya#$.com.” Nice.

I have no clue if Gheen or ALIPAC actually failed to pay taxes, but it seems that The Watchman over at has a good reason for his allegations. Let’ see ALIPAC prove the allegations are unfounded just like many legal residents and citizens are arrested and forced to prove they’re here legally thanks to groups like his.


3 thoughts on “The Multiplicity of ALIPAC”

  1. The evidence that ALIPAC.US paid no payroll taxes is in plain view for all to see.

    All federal political action committees, including ALIPAC.US, are required to file detailed financial reports to the FEC, which includes disbursements. Here’s a link to all of ALIPAC.US’s electronic filings:
    Earlier paper filings can also be found on the FEC web site.

    Prior to April 2008 ALIPAC.US’s own FEC reports show monthly payroll to Gheen and their treasurer, but no payroll taxes.

    After being reported to the IRS by The Watchman, suddenly in April 2008 ALIPAC.US started paying employer taxes and withholding income taxes from wages through a payroll service. On top of that is a $5,000 payment for “payroll taxes” direct to the U.S. Treasury.

    ALIPAC.US’s total disbursements for taxes in Q2 were 68% of payroll, which is extraordinarily high. Without the $5,000 payment (a fine?) taxes were 31% of wages, in line with what one would expect.

    Here’s a summary for Q2 of 2008:
    Date Description Amount
    4/11/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,417.12
    4/14/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    5/15/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,409.12
    5/15/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    5/16/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    6/3/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    6/6/2008 Federal and State Withholding $1,385.12
    6/16/2008 William Gheen $3,063.48
    6/23/2008 Jane Patterson $461.75
    4/24/2008 U.S. Treasury (”Payroll Taxes” 😉 $5,000.00

    Now here’s one for Q1 of 2008:
    1/11/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    2/4/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    3/5/2008 William Gheen $4,000.00
    Zero payroll taxes and withheld income taxes were disbursed in Q1 of 2008 and prior years! In other words, ALIPAC.US didn’t pay a penny of payroll taxes nor withhold income taxes from wages, at the same time ALIPAC.US was trashing immigrants falsely claiming immigrants don’t pay taxes!

  2. Alicrapper, just follow the rule of law, just like you expect of immigrants the laws apply to your members too!

    Illegal is illegal. What part of illegal don’t these people understand?

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