1,000 Protest in Postville!: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

First I would like to give mention to a blog I discovered yesterday titled Shalom Rav which gives us the story of the recent rallies to support migrants in Postville. The post is titled Demanding Justice in Postville and includes many pictures. Please take a moment to leave a comment in support of this Rabbi’s wonderful actions.

1,000 March to Protest Postville Raid at Standing FIRM. Also Sherriff Joe Arpaio Honored to be called KKK, a new book Debunking the myth of the “Latino Threat” and Update: PA Teens Charged in Fatal Beating of Luis Ramirez.

Latino Politico has put together a list of over 30 blogs that have written on Jon Justice in Sites Covering Jon Justice’s Sexual Escapades.

I believe we posted this before, but it never hurts to Know your rights. Watch this video on what to do if ICE shows up to your job or home at American Wetback. WP: Va. Jails to Report Foreign Inmates at Anti-BVBL.

Aztec Angel by Luis Omar Salinas at The Unapologetic Mexican.

What’s the Big Idea? The Meaning of Obama’s “Change” at Blue Mass. Group.

In Racial Profiling Will “Save” Our Cities: A New Urban Agenda we learn of Heather McDonald’s criticism of Obama for not including data-driven policing (aka racial profiling) in his urban agenda – at DMI blog.

Race and the Immigration Debate: Chapter 1001 at Immigration Prof Blog.

Both the Washington Post and Business Week, two mainstream media outlets, recently acknowledged how anti-immigrant policies and sentiment often adversely affects minority citizens in the United States.

In Tennessee, eliminationism is no longer ‘just a joke’ at Orcinus on James David Adkisson’s targeting of a church for its liberal views.

Many here are aware of that the border patrol agents Ramos and Campeon are lauded by the anti-migrant groups. At Immigration Prof Blog we learn Fifth Circuit upholds Ramos, Campeon convictions. Also Where’s the DREAM Act? and English Language Bill for Immigrants on Clinton and Honda’s bill to help immigrants learn English.

In ALIPAC – The Last American Standing Show I speak on Gheen’s use of U2’s “Bullet The Blue Sky” as bumper music and calling illegal immigration the “gang rape” of American amongst other things at American Humanity.

When your mother is deported at Dream Act Texas links to a video where a child tells of her mother’s deportation and its effect on her. In this video we learn that the federal prison where her mother was initially held provided a warmer atmosphere for visitation than the detention center. Also $42 million to help Local Jails Report Undocumented Immigrants.

Stormfront Founder’s Wife Sets Off Firestorm at Hatewatch on the controversy surrounding Chloe Black’s becoming the public relations contact for a philanthropist’s efforts to build a campus for children of poor black and Latino children in Florida.

Repeal of the Statutory HIV Ban: One Giant Step Forward (but another big step remaining) at Immigration Equality.

EPITOME OF EVIL: Agriprocessors Continues to Pursue Latino Workers (Legal or illegal) Rather than Improve Working Conditions and Pay Livable Wages at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

McCain’s reversal on affirmative action counters retired Latino general’s claim that officer ranks aren’t sufficiently diverse at Latina Lista.

18 to Life for Argentine “Dirty War” Perps at Vivir Latino.


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