ALIPAC – Will It Make It Easier On You Now That You’ve Got Someone To Blame

Not to pick on Gheen, but I have to post on this article written about ALIPAC today.

Since I know Gheen likes U2 I think he should listen to the song “One” and take in its message. If he’d stop the insanity against migrants and help the rest of us find a compassionate solution to immigration he’d certainly be welcome. The U.S. needs to do a better job helping those nations withing our hemisphere. It’s ridiculous and quite idiotic really to not understand why people are coming here and why the law means nothing when you’re hungry. On the subway this evening a woman begged and pleaded for help even though it’s against the law to panhandle on the trains. I suppose this makes this woman a derelict criminal right? What it shows me is that a law will not cure the social ill that creates a society where people must beg for money. Every one of us starts out as a baby begging to be cared for and taught. Sadly people like Gheen would rather preach about the law than to actually reach out a hand and provide the very thing that will keep the law from needing to be broken for survival – compassion. While “we’re not the same” as Bono tells us, we are “one.”

Mooneyham: Saber-rattling on immigration – Rocky Mount TelegramBy Scott MooneyhamCapitol Press AssociationWednesday, July 30, 2008A group called Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee is checking its list and checking it twice.If you haven’t heard of the group, you’re not alone. Earlier this summer, it held a rally outside the Legislative Building. About two dozen people showed up. The speechifying seemed to draw more gawking reporters than people cheering.

Gheen isn’t the only anti-migrant that will attempt to stereotype those they oppose by using one example to exemplify the whole.

At one time, Gheen worked as a legislative assistant for former N.C. Sen. Hugh Webster of Alamance County. But he’s been at this illegal immigration stuff for a while. During a campaign rally outside state Republican Party headquarters in 2002, Gheen passed out fliers blaming Gov. Mike Easley and the state’s driver’s license policies for a gang rape in a southern Piedmont county.

I don’t know if Gheen actually said he’s come down on candidates that print information in Spanish or if they print in any language other than English, but this article claimes:

Among other things, it will penalize candidates whose campaigns advertise in Spanish. No doubt, all those state legislators who voted a few years ago to print election ballots in Spanish will get a zero.

While I’m not into figuring out where ALIPAC’s money goes this article claims:

Instead of giving to candidates, Gheen has mainly used PAC donations to pay for the group’s Website, mount public relations campaigns, conduct more fundraising and travel to Iowa and Washington.It might be a good formula for self-promotion. It’s not one that will do much to influence elections this fall.

What the heck. Here’s U2 performing “One” – the Berlin version since we’re soon to complete our own Berlin Wall under Gheen’s advice.

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5 thoughts on “ALIPAC – Will It Make It Easier On You Now That You’ve Got Someone To Blame”

  1. “If he’d stop the insanity against migrants..”
    “Gheen isn’t the only anti-migrant…”

    There’s your problem…you’re wrong.

    Anti-illegal immigration is not anti-migrant.
    You don’t know what you’re talking about…well, maybe you do and just like to deliberately spread lies.


  2. If this is someone from Chuck Baldwin’s camp or just a supporter let me tell you – you’re wrong.

    Anti-illegal immigration is essentially anti-immigration as there are “illegal” immigrants who have found themselves in that position because our immigration system is flawed. I’m sure you believe every undocumented migrant walks across the border, but that simply isn’t true.

    It’s anti-immigration because I don’t see Baldwin or any other anti-migrant (yes I said it) trying to fix a system with massive backlogs and other issues. If you’re truly pro-legal immigration then what is your platform to fix the problems with USCIS?

    Surely your immigration agenda, or that of the campaign, addresses the issues being faced by legal residents and those waiting to become citizens. If not, and your only focus is on undocumented migrants then you are truly anti-migrant just as Gheen is.

    So what’s your plan to fix immigration for those here legally trying to get through the process?

  3. Also help me understand how:

    Judeo Christian Values have always been part of Chuck Baldwin’s way of life. He believes that the values that have made America strong are just those values. Many people came to this country for religious freedom and Chuck Baldwin like others are proud of the fact that freedom is and always will be offered. As a Christian he knows that faith is something a person has to own and hold dear but can never be forced into.


    “America’s back is breaking from the burden of immigration policies that demand taxpayers pay to educate, incarcerate, medicate and house those who have broken into our country,” said Baldwin.

    Chuck Baldwin, long a critic of the open-borders policy that threatens our safety, economy, environment, public health and educational system ( is the only presidential candidate who is 100% behind the American people in the fight to end illegal immigration.

    go together?

    I’m sure God will enjoy hearing how when he was given such privilege and position to help others he choose to send them home to poverty. I also suppose Mr. Baldwin will refuse to recognize both the U.S.’s and white European’s role in these people’s suffering today.

    Rather than placate to the fears of a society Mr. Baldwin should actually adapt a Christian mentality, one we currently see exhibited by many churches helping families that have suffered from raids. Let’s see Mr. Baldwin give us a solution that helps everyone rather than one that just makes people who enjoy the suffering of other feel good.

  4. We cannot take in the entire world’s impoverished or poor. It would be commiting national suicide. These people need to demand changes in their own countries. No guts, not glory!

    When you break the law there is a price to pay just as God teaches in the Bible that if you sin there is a price to pay. These people who have suffered from the raids have only themselves to blame. They came here illegally knowing full well what they were doing and now they are crying because they got caught. They aren’t the victims, we Americans are. How dare anyone suggest that enforcing our immigration laws is someone immoral!! I like to see their sympathizers and enablers tried for treason also!

    The solution is simple. Secure our borders, go after the employers who hire them and they will self-deport without jobs. Deny any social benefits to them and their families such as an education or any welfare benefits. Healthcare should only be given in an emergency situation. Re-interpret the birthright citizenship Amendment so that at least one parent of a newborn has to be a citizen of this country in order for their child to qualify for birthright citizenship.

    I know it isn’t the solution that you and your ilk want because it will stop the flow of illegals into our country and put a crimp in your dream of reconquista, Hispanicizing this country and taking over numerically, politically and culturally. Over our dead bodies will we law abiding Americans allow that to happen!

  5. Yes, this white European here is advocating for your supposed “reconquista.” Man, I thought I was doing a good job keeping that fact out of the light.

    Sorry, but breaking an unjust law does not equal sin. By that logic we had a lot of African-American sinners in the past. The laws are made by the powerful and God advocates for the powerless.

    Americans suffer? It’s time you and yours start telling us how we’re to help people in other countries as they’re obviously coming here because they’ve no other choice. It is quite callous to fail understanding of such a simple thing. The U.S. should be helping those countries so close to it and refusing to help them, while instead killing Iraqis, we have today’s problems.

    The U.S. is the most powerful country in the world and with power, as with fame, comes responsibility. To remove yourself from that responsibility is self destruction. So don’t moan about the symptom when it’s the problem we need to address.

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