In The Spirit of Vigils: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

New video unmasks the “Hidden System” of federal deportations and detentions at Latina Lista.

had it not been for the conscience-stricken federal interpreter who came forward to reveal how the federal government railroaded these undocumented workers into deportation, the height of the injustice of the system would not have been brought to light.

In the spirit of vigils, rallies and protests, I bring you Joan Baez, famous Mexican-American folk singer! at Latino Politics Blog. Also from yesterday MALDEF holding vigil today for Luis Ramirez and Latino Legislators of the Week, Congressmen Baca, Gutierrez, and Sires – Meeting with the Postville Community regarding the Immigration Raids.

We Stand in No (Every) Place at The Unapologetic Mexican. Take a minute to absorb the ink of Nezua’s artist pen.

White Supremacists See Their Imminent Defeat As A Good Thing at Orcinus. It seems that white supremacist groups are banking on an Obama presidency to divide the nation and bring more to their side.  I say they’re a bunch of hatest wackadoos who are getting the clear message that the majority doesn’t prescribe to their hate. Standing FIRM brings us a video from Breakthrough titled Don’t Deport me Scotty!. Also watch Postville Raid Getting the Attention it Deserves. And read Students get a Fair Shot in NC and ACTION: Candlelight Vigil For Luis Ramirez in PA.

African-American and Latino Families in Danger of Falling Out of Middle Class at Vivir Latino. Also a sad story in Arizona Latino Neighborhood Slips Away After Immigration Crackdown. I suppose this is the beauty of ‘attrition through enforcement.’

At Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights Menendez to tour immigrant detention facility in Elizabeth.

Para Justicia y Libertad talks about ooVoo and political panels being hosted via this software in My ooVoo Day Political: Latino Style.

Anti-BVBL posts a comic in Illegal Immigration Plan is Working and Obama and the DNC Target Hispanics in Swing States.

1.8 Million Potential DREAMers in the U.S. at Dream Act Texas. Also Video on Postville protest of July 27th.

Economy Becomes Top Issue For Hispanic Voters at Nuestra Voice.

Watch Kinto Sol’s “Si Se Puede” at Pro Inmigrant. Also Something you should know about Agriprocessors, Inc in Postville, Iowa. It’s not a view I like to push here, but I believe animals rights are important to as a society that can be cruel to those that cannot protect themselves will certainly have no issue offering cruelty to humans in the same position. While animals feel joy and pain just as we do it seems few have any issue with they way they’re brought up for food.

News Articles:

CA: Unions and Rights Groups Say Government Database Will Intensify Immigrant CrackdownLabor Notes.

“The strategy of the nativist movement is not to cause the mass deportation of 12 million people,” he said, “but by piecemeal to erode their rights” – Chris Newman, legal counsel with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

NE: Illegal immigration measure voted down in FremontOmaha World-Herald.

With the nation’s immigration spotlight shining on it Tuesday night, the City Council and mayor here killed a controversial proposal aimed at driving away illegal immigrants.

NC: Immigration arrest at library raises concernsThe News & Observer.

The sheriff has suggested that the librarian’s arrest was related to her care at the health department but has not said whether medical information was used to identify her. The woman’s arrest and the circumstances surrounding it have become so contentious that some residents are organizing against the county’s efforts to drive out illegal immigrants.

NC: Too late for illegal immigrantsCharlotte Observer. While undocumented immigrants will be able to attend community college in NC now, the ban may not be lifted in time for this year’s registration.

New immigration strategy – Deport yourselfHouston Chronicle.

Myers told the network that “Operation Scheduled Departure” will allow illegal immigrants without criminal records a chance to literally “self-deport” by turning themselves in to her agents. She said the idea derived from a common complaint voiced by immigrant detainees: If given the opportunity, they’d rather just go home than be holed up in immigration prisons.

Mooneyham: Saber-rattling on immigrationRocky Mountain Telegram. This story focuses on William Gheen’s ALIPAC. It notes that his PAC has strangely only given $500 to one candidate, Ted Hayes, out of a supposed $179,547 in donations.

In the release, Americans for Legal Immigration also refers to itself as “one of America’s largest grassroots organizations.” Interesting description for a political action committee that, in two election cycles, has taken in a few hundred contributions. Using the same criteria of political activity, surely the N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers (or whatever it calls itself now) and the N.C. Association of Realtors must be among America’s most “supermongous grassroots organizations.”


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