Commentary: Killing of immigrant a senseless, barbaric act – CNN

Commentary: Killing of immigrant a senseless, barbaric act

SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) — To listen to the immigration debate, you would think illegal immigrants have it easy.

That’s nonsense. America has a long tradition of animosity toward legal immigrants, let alone illegal ones. The undocumented are preyed upon by thugs, cheated by swindlers, exploited by employers, harassed by Minutemen, and made into scapegoats for society’s ills by opportunistic talk radio blowhards and cable news fear-peddlers.

The life of an illegal immigrant shouldn’t be a walk in the park. But what most Americans don’t realize is that, far from being easy, that life is quite difficult.

In fact, prosecutors say, for Luis Ramirez, it was murder.

The town tried to downplay this as just a normal street fight. Well, if this was a normal street fight for Shenandoah I feel sorry for the people that live there.

This article asks:

Would they also say that lynchings in the South were just horseplay that got out of hand?

Luis Ramirez’s wife gives us some insight into Shenandoah:

“People in this town are very racist toward Hispanic people. They think right away if you’re Mexican, you’re illegal, and you’re no good.” She said that her husband-to-be was often subjected to ethnic slurs, including being called a “dirty Mexican” and told to go back to Mexico.

Given these were town youths they are a probe into the general thought of some in the town. To pick fights with people is bad enough, and a result of poor upbringing, but to bash someone to death is a sick result of hatred that is planted into children by bigoted parents.

There is no way to justify this crime. No way at all.


1 thought on “Commentary: Killing of immigrant a senseless, barbaric act – CNN”

  1. In the United States of America we each own a Constitutional First Amendment Right to have our Ethnicity Clearly and Properly Acknowledged. Immigrants that happen to work and contribute to this great nation should have that same right.

    This is a Hate Crime and I am insulted that it is not viewed as one. Where is Jesse Jackson now? If this man was African American or American African this would get more attention from the NAACP and other religious social leaders.
    I blame these children, the parents and media because that is where the foundation for hatred against not only immigrants in general but more so the Mexican Immigrant. Parents say things in jest or with such conviction against Mexicans and the children follow suit. Plus, if they were such good parents why were they underage drinking in the streets?

    The charges on these children are irresponsible. Shame on Roger Laguna, for he is the token minority to represent those children. Have a minority representing you shows that you aren’t racist. That’s like saying I have a Mexican friend or I eat tacos. My Lord you have disgraced yourself for a buck.

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