Decline Seen in Numbers of People Here Illegally – NY Times

…..only 299 million left to go.

Decline Seen in Numbers of People Here Illegally – New York Times
Published: July 31, 2008

The number of illegal immigrants in the country has dropped by as much as 1.3 million in the past year, an 11 percent decline since a historic peak last August, a research group said in a report.

This article sites CIS (Center for Immigration Studies) a group founded by the anti-migrant hate group FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) as a valid source of immigration information.

The report, by Steven A. Camarota and Karen Jensenius of the Center for Immigration Studies, found “strong indications” that stepped-up enforcement by immigration authorities had played a major role in the decline.

Of course CIS is going to say enforcement is the reason for decline while others refute this claim and offer another explanation:

The study’s methods and conclusions were questioned by other demographers and economists, who said the decline might be less than the center reported and was more likely the result of the weak economy, especially in low-wage construction and manufacturing where illegal immigrants are generally employed.

“The decline can easily be explained by changes in the economy,” said Steve Levy, senior economist at the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy in Palo Alto. He said California had lost 134,000 construction jobs since the summer of 2006.

At least the article tells us who CIS is:

The Center for Immigration Studies is a policy advocacy group that favors reduced immigration and opposes legislation to give legal status to illegal immigrants. The study supports the center’s contention that border enforcement and a crackdown on unauthorized workers and their employers would lead many illegal immigrants to leave the United States without being deported.


1 thought on “Decline Seen in Numbers of People Here Illegally – NY Times”

  1. Immigration experts throughout the country are slamming CIS’ report as being marred with dubious information and inaccuracies. Immigration will ebb and flow depending on the cycles of the economy. While undocumented immigration may be going down slightly, it has a lot more to do with the downturn of the economy than enforcement through attrition which will do nothing but drive undocumented immigrants deeper underground. CIS provides no real solutions to the nation’s immigration problems. They insult thoughtful Americans when they seemingly hope for continued unemployment and recession, promote harsh enforcement measures that separate families and destroy communities, and suggest that politicians should not even talk about real solutions. By requiring undocumented immigrants to come forward, legalize their status, and learn English, we would strengthen the rule of law and turn undocumented immigrants into taxpayers. The U.S. must enact a practical, fair, and reasonable solution that includes smart enforcement measures.

    For more information read:

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