Important Lessons From Jay Smooth: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

O Obama, Where Art Thou? asks Para Justicia y Libertad on Obama’s ignoring Latinos in Texas. Also Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up: 07/30/2008.

Watch How To Tell People They Sound Racist at Awearness Blog. Great video by Jay Smooth breaking down the difference between the “what they did” conversation and the “who they are” conversation.

Watch the video. Jay does a fantastic job at establishing a simple strategy for dealing with the unexpected Public Display Of Ignorance (or PDI).

The Postville ICE Raid: An Enormous Abuse of Power from David Neiwert of Orcinus, posted at AlterNet.

It’s worth remembering that incipient police states target the most vulnerable members of society.

The Bully in Phoenix on Sheriff Arpaio at Dream Act Texas.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon escalated his feud with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Tuesday, calling on the national media to come to the Valley and observe the sheriff’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Read about, and watch, the video “A Hidden System” and the Human Cost of Detention at Of América.

The U.S. should take a cue from our mates down under… at Standing FIRM. Also State and Local Round-up, Sheriff Joe’s Desert Disaster: What happens when nativists get their way… and VIDEO: Peaceful Protest in Postville.

Book Series: The New Americans at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Trafficking Victms Certification, OPERATION SCHEDULED DEPARTURE: New immigration strategy – Deport yourself Agency allows immigrants here illegally to avoid raids, prison by turning selves, A Cultural Shift in Postville: What type? and Investor Visas on the Rise.

Being vegan I’m happy to report Vegan de Guadalupe? from Vivir Latino a zine full of vegan alternatives to popular border meals. Also San Francisco Residents Defend Defending Immigrants, Follow up to Latin@s and Black Americans in Danger of falling out of Middle class and House Says They Are Really Sorry About Slavery and Jim Crow. Will this mean anything?

When “Comparable” School Funding Isn’t Equal Funding at Blog For Arizona.

At Just News a link to Politically Connected Immigration Judges Unlikely to Face Consequences a follow-up to the recent post by Para Justicia y LibertadIG Report: Bush’s GOP Hires Among Immigration Judges.

Midweek Open Thread and McCain: The Next Faux Cowboy at Latino Politico.

The Manassas Journal Messenger reports on the Friday night screening of the latest version of the 9500 Liberty screening at Anti-BVBL.

WaPo: Arpaio Sweeps “Blatantly Unconstitutional” at Wild Chihuahuas.

The Rule of Law – But only as it applies to your ideology at Mexico Trucker on the recent verdict against Ramos and Compean.

U.S. Immigration system is in REAL NEEDS of a REAL SOLUTION. A reform. at Pro Inmigrant. Also ICE given two options to undocumented Immigrants: Jail o deportation.!!!!!!! We should deport Lou Dobbs.!!!!!!!!

CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) ordered to comply with Tennessee’s public information laws at T Don Hutto.

Ecuador to U.S. – No vacancy at Manta base at The Latin Americanist.

Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights: Financial Justice in a Temple of Doom at DMI Blog.


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