Operation Scheduled Departure – Brought To You By The Cold Hearts Of ICE

Rather than actually fix the immigration issues, or at least help in the effort, Julie Myer and her colleagues at ICE (who think a white man dressed as a black convict is worthy of award) have come up with the most compassionate solution their evil minds can muster – Operation Scheduled Departure.

The irony of this cold-hearted group’s name, who are enforce terrible and unjust immigration laws, could not be more profound. Simply look at the fact that they needed someone else to tell them people enjoy being home over prison. Did Myers and ICE come to this epiphany after realizing it’s not a good idea to award a white colleague dressed up as a black convict the best costume prize?

Now all we need is for ICE to take that next big step and realize that people also want to live and work in a place where one can actually sustain a living. They should realize that the U.S. is spending millions of dollars enforcing laws to drive out people who would probably prefer to be working in their home countries. This money could be used to make that possible. However, many surely want to become American citizens, but have no opportunity or have been bounced around by an icy immigration system.

Operation Scheduled Departure: Immigrants, Deport Yourselves – WSJ
Posted July 30, 2008 | 05:27 PM (EST)
By Suman Raghunathan

Could the nation’s undocumented immigrants please stand up? The government will be happy to deport you.

In a move that speaks to the bind policymakers find themselves in these days on the issue of immigration — jostled between the complexity of the issue, its deep politicization and the lack of vision Washington leaders have brought to the topic in the post 9/11 era — the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) will encourage the nation’s roughly 12 million undocumented immigrants to simply volunteer to turn themselves into immigration authorities for deportation in the coming months.

I’m sure these migrants have nothing to fear from a group that has done such a stellar job making sure they’ve been properly cared for thus far.

Article from the Houston Chronicle:

New immigration strategy — Deport yourself – Houston Chronicle
Agency allows immigrants here illegally to avoid raids, prison by turning selves in
By HERNÁN ROZEMBERG San Antonio Express-News

Rather than risk getting caught, turn yourselves in.

That’s the latest government strategy in its ongoing effort to dramatically reduce the nation’s ballooning population of illegal immigrants.

Scheduled to be unveiled next week, it was announced Sunday by Julie Myers, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in an interview with a Spanish-language television network.

The idiocy of this idea is profound as Doug Rivlin from NIF explains:

“It’s pure fantasy,” said Doug Rivlin, spokesman for the National Immigration Forum in Washington. “An attempt to entice people to sign away their rights and get out of the country as quickly as possible before even talking to a lawyer.”

If people truly wanted to leave on their own, they’d buy their own bus or plane ticket home without checking in with ICE first, Rivlin said.

Of course FAIR was called to give a statement as well:

Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the country’s largest anti-illegal-immigration lobby group based in Washington, said he’d have to concede that point.

The government would have to offer some kind of incentive to entice immigrants to sign up, such as telling them that by leaving voluntarily they would be allowed to apply to come back legally, Mehlman said.

I believe a better incentive would be to actually commit to helping migrants rather than trying to deport them ‘nicely’ if that’s even possible.


3 thoughts on “Operation Scheduled Departure – Brought To You By The Cold Hearts Of ICE”

  1. Schadenfreude – taking joy in another’s suffering.

    They’re obviously terrible and unjust. They don’t work and many legal residence wait in long backlogs of cases because USCIS has major issues. They also make it necessary for people to depend on immigration lawyers, some of which aren’t really concerned about the immigrants.

  2. The intrinsic message of this “operation” is:
    “Dear illegal,
    We’re tired. the cat-mouse game is getting over. We (ICE) do not have time, staff, personel and resources to catch you up. Please line up and go home”

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