Gheen: Hyping Oneself Does Not Equal “Winning”

The disillusionment that winning equals being challenged for the things you represent is a sure sign you’re losing the battle you’re fighting. Going on and on about how others writing about you indicates you’re above them is narcissistic and a little silly.

When you have to write an article hyping yourself that’s not a good sign. Generally when you’re doing a good job others will do the hyping for you. When your ideals are less mainstream than they are downstream generally you’ll have to write your own article. When groups get together and help out others in need generally you won’t see those people writing their own articles about it.

Sadly, William Gheen had to write his own article hyping himself.

NC Newspapers Go Wild For Gheen! – Border Fire Report

written by William Gheen (go figure)

My success, and that of our organization ALIPAC, is now reaching new levels in the fight against illegal immigration, especially in my home state of North Carolina! Our accomplishments are documented by the fact I’ve recently become the favorite political bad boy of the illegal alien supporting print media in my state!

Maybe it’s because there aren’t many to choose from since as we saw at your recent rally there were only twelve people and none of them have their own anti-immigration group.

It appears that some of the most staunch supporters of illegal immigration in the NC press are feeling highly threatened by ALIPAC’s operations, and my efforts, otherwise we would not be seeing this cacophony of mudslinging.

I hate to be the one to tell William, but nobody supports illegal immigration that’s passionate enough to write against you. How can you advocate for amnesty and support illegal immigration? It’s kind of like saying your groups is for “legal” immigration, but focusing no attention at all on fixing the immigration system that you apparently support in an effort to help those entering “legally.” At least other anti-illegal immigration groups and anti-immigration groups don’t mislead people with their names.

I’m the one trying to save lives and they are the ones supporting inaction and policies that are resulting in preventable deaths and suffering.

Now William is the humanitarian in this debate? Wow, seems in his delusions of grandeur that have brought us this self promoting article he’s now convinced himself that his group is saving lives.

The fact that they have finally drawn their mighty pens, dripping poisonous ink, against me is a testament to my growing notoriety and influence.

Speaking of ‘poisonous ink’ I believe it was Gheen who recently compared illegal immigration to “gang rape.” If you ask me the need to use such a violent comparison shows you have nothing to support your views but drawing the emotions of others through fear.

The people who support me and my goals empower me, and I invite the Lord to dwell within my heart, as much as possible.

I’m glad to see you’re inviting the Lord into your heart. Hopefully His blessings will bring you into the light from the darkness your mind has taken you to. In Heaven, should you be let in, you’ll surely see all those people that you’ve called “invaders”, “gang rapists”, and other such names that have done nothing more than attempt to survive in a world that has forsaken them. It really blows my mind how a Christian can justify anti-migrant thoughts.

Gheen will always be his biggest fan. This article serves as proof.


4 thoughts on “Gheen: Hyping Oneself Does Not Equal “Winning””

  1. Gheen needs to make sure ALIPAC.US itself is following the ‘rule of law.’ That doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to paying taxes!

    Just a quick look at ALIPAC.US’s FEC filings shows ALIPAC.US paid no employer taxes and withheld no income taxes from wages for several years.

    Finally, after the author of this post turned ALIPAC.US in to the tax man finally now ALIPAC.US is paying taxes and withholding income taxes. The Q2 FEC filing shows that for each month’s salary, employer taxes were paid and income taxes withheld. However, above and beyond taxes on three months of salary is a $5,000 payment for “payroll taxes” to the U.S. Treasury, not ALIPAC.US’s payroll service. I call upon William Gheen to explain the $5,000, as this appears to be a hefty fine for non-payment of previous taxes!

    ALIPAC.US continues to insist that immigrants don’t pay taxes, while in fact immigrants pay taxes through payroll deduction like the rest of us (except ALIPAC.US prior to April of 2008).

  2. It’s quite odd that Gheen couldn’t even get one of his “supporters” to write the article or at least claim they did.

    His article conjures up the “Jimmy” episode of Seinfeld where the guy reefers to himself in the third person.

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