Guide To Unjustly Prosecuting Migrants: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Government how-to manual on expediting guilty pleas from undocumented immigrants uncovered by ACLU at Latina Lista.

And today, we learn that the irregularities that occurred in the Postville courts, to which Dr. Erik Camayd-Freixas testified to before Congress, were premeditated and came complete – with a how-to manual.

Also Justice Department report reveals manufactured White House strategy to deny undocumented immigrants the “rule of law”.

Gainesville Times Review of 9500Liberty Special Screening at Anti-BVBL. In Just Call the Cops Anti-BVBL is challenged by another blog PWConservative claiming Anti-BVBL claims all Hispanics are being dragged out of PWC. Of course, this isn’t true. Also read NY Times: The Laws Cops Can’t Enforce.

This Op-Ed in the NY Times, hits the nail on the head. We owe it to our law enforcement officers to come up with a workable federal immigration policy that does not force police departments to succumb to political pressures to ‘reduce immigration by using racial profiling and harassment’.

Hispanics twice as likely to be searched while driving at The Latin Americanist. Also Follow-up: Suspect arrested in transgendered Latina murder.

Terrorism and Your Laptop at Dream Act Texas.

Whether you are addicted to Worlds of War, or are writing a book – the new statement by DHS that laptops may be confiscated while entering the United States is truly terrifying.

Watch U.S. Involvement in Mexico’s Drug War, but make sure and read the disclaimer first. In Confronting the Bully in Phoenix we’re directed to the same Op Ed mentioned at Anti-BVBL.

The police officer/immigration enforcer will only need to drive through a Latino neighborhood to cause terror in all who see him. Most of these people who he encounters would be American citizens, but it doesn’t look like citizenship is important to the police turned ICE guys – they have their run-down on how an undocumented person should look – guilty until proven innocent – which is hard to contradict in a system so arbitrary.


Driving away immigrants–and our future at Immigrant’s List speaks on the recent CIS report.

But what is more interesting is that CIS decided to simply collapse enforcement and a decline in the undocumented population with Hispanics. So the message here is that Hispanic communities are “likely” pools of law breakers that should be targeted with punitive policies.

New E Verify Bill Due for Vote! What Do YOU Think? at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

New Immigration Articles from SSRN at Immigration Prof Blog. Also Feel Good Story of the Day: Iwo Jima Hero Awarded Citizenship on one of those men who raised the flag, but was never given citizenship until now. New Book on Undocumented Immigrants and Higher Education

Feds join probe of Mexican slain in Pa. coal town at Just News.

Judge to Rule on Limits at Denver Convention at Nuestra Voice.

In Gheen: Hyping Oneself Does Not Equal “Winning” we learn that ALIPAC’s founder things negative criticism equals success at American Humanity. He thinks his efforts are positive and are saving lives, yet usually people that help others don’t have to write articles hyping themselves. Actually, isn’t that what all the right-wing talk show hosts do? – constantly telling us how great they are.

And because Jay Smooth is my new hero here’s a link to another of his videos titled Jay Smooth on The Sound of Young America. Part of the interview shows a video where Smooth proves O’Reilly really wants to be a rapper and shows us what it would sound like.


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