Attempt To Distort the Truth About Luis Ramirez’s Death

PA Pundits has given us a second post on Luis Ramirez and his beating death titled Illegal Alien Beat-Down Is Not The Racial Murder MSM Claims It To Be. While most of us are upset by both the death and the obvious racism that caused it the new PA Pundit post works to place the focus on Ramirez while attempting to convince us these were normal teens who were not acting out due to racism. The title says a lot about the author’s mindset.

To give you an idea of what you’re in for if you do read the PA Pundits post here’s what it states at the end.

However, the incidents that took place that night seem less and less of a racially-motivated gang fight and more like stupid kids who had been drinking getting caught up with two adults, one of whom could not control his own anger and started a second fight with a bunch of teenagers.

Oh, those foolish kids. Drinking, yelling racial slurs, picking fights and finally kicking a man in the head and causing his death. Youthful innocence just ain’t what it used to be.

Now to look at the post. The first sentence starts us off by placing full attention on Ramirez. Not only does it give a more in-depth description of him than it does those who attacked him it also makes it seem as if he started the fight.

Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala, 25-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was involved in a fight with several teenaged boys in Shenandoah, PA on July 12.

Next the post uses the testimony of Arielle Garcia, only after demeaning her for being a young mother, as proof that this was not a hate crime. In her account the fight did stop at one point, but Ramirez was so upset that he went after his attackers. Now I don’t know what it’s like to be a Latino in a town with its share of racism, but at some point (like after being attacked) you figure enough’s enough. This part of the story is shaky so it’s hard to tell, but the end is quite clear. The teens started the fight and they ended it with murder.

The PA Pundits post focuses no attention on the fact that these teens where drinking and were most likely intoxicated when they came into contact with Ramirez. If it’s normal for teens to be drunk in Shenandoah then that town’s got a lot more to work on then just cleaning up racism.

From the PA Pundits post:

The juveniles left the area where they had been drinking and went to a block party, where Brandon Piekarsky, 16, got into a verbal argument. According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, the argument involved Luis Ramirez Zavala and the subject was the 15-year-old girl. (This would directly contradict the “eyewitness” statements of Garcia, who said Ramirez was at her house all afternoon until 11pm.)

They didn’t go to a “block party” they went to a Polish American block party. Honestly I don’t know what affidavit this author was reading or if they’re mixing the affidavit testimony in with the mysterious source they cite “who wishes to remain anonymous.” The verbal argument Piekarsky got into was at the block party, not with Ramirez, and the subject of this argument is not included.

The affidavit states:

While at the block party, PIEKARSKY got involved in a verbal argument and all the youths left there approximately 11:00 PM.

If I’m missing something please tell me, but I think the author is having trouble deciphering the available information because they’re blinded by trying to vilify Ramirez or at least make his attackers look like normal teens who just went a little too far.

Let me help PA Pundits with the rest of the affidavit:

RAMIREZ and the female juvenile started walking east on Lloyd Street and away from the youths. RAMIREZ called someone on his cell phone and then on of the youths called RAMIREZ a “spic”. RAMIREZ responded back to them “what is your problem?”

Then Brandon PIEKARSKY, Colin WALSH and the 17 year old Juvenile run toward RAMIREZ and fighting breaks out. Derrick DONCHAK also runs towards the fight area and engages RAMIREZ. RAMIREZ then falls to the street and they punch and kick him repeatedly. At some point RAMIREZ was able to get back on his feet as the fighting moved down (west) on Lloyd Street. The, Arielle GARCIA and her husband Victor GARCIA CRUZ drove back to the area and run to help RAMIREZ. RAMIREZ had called them on his cell phone, stating someone was trying to beat him up. Other ethnic slurs were shouted during this incident.

Victor GARCIA CRUZ then tries to break up the fighting, but someone punches him from behind. Then Colin WALSH strikes RAMIREZ in the face with a closed fist. The force of impact causes RAMIREZ to fall backwards and his head strikes the macadem roadway. As RAMIREZ lay unconscious, Brandon PIEKARSKY kicks RAMIREZ in the left side of his head. RAMIREZ continues to lay unconscious on the roadway as the youths fled the scene.

Yes, there’s racism in there. And we also learn that the teens met that Sunday to figure out how they can act like they weren’t involved or how to limit their punishment. This before Ramirez was even pronounced dead. It seems they probably figured he was dead when they left the scene. I imagine this is why the youngest of them is being charge with the fatal kick. Maybe they made him take the fall when they met that Sunday thinking he wouldn’t be charged as an adult.

The PA Pundits post claims:

While some may read this as an anti-Mexican or anti-Hispanic piece, I would like to offer that I am simply trying to bring all facets of this case to light. The public has a right to make their own determination about the incidents, but all the facts are needed to make an informed decision.

There is obvious anti-Hispanic sentiment in this piece along with a willingness to knowingly change facts or simply leave them out. At least it gives everyone a chance to read the affidavit for themselves though.

Here’s what happened according to the affidavit.

Shenandoah teens are given alcohol by an adult.
Teens go to a Polish American block party.
One of the teens gets in an argument with someone at this party so they leave.
Luis Ramirez leaves his friends house by car and is dropped off by a park near his home.
The teens pass by Ramirez and his female companion and begin to make hateful comments to him.
Ramirez continues walking and calls someone on his phone. (Most likely those that came to help him as he knew trouble was brewing.)
One of the teens yells “spic.”
Ramirez responds asking them “what’s your problem.”
The teens run at Ramirez and begin attacking him.
The teens yell more insults.
Ramirez falls to the ground and hits his head causing him to go unconscious.
One of the teens kicks him in the head while he lay unconscious.
The teens leave.
The next day they meet to try and figure out how to avoid punishment.
After the incident Ramirez is life-flighted to a hospital where efforts to save him are unsuccessful.
Autopsy shows blunt force trauma and multiple skull fractures cause his death.

You can slice it any way you want, but the available information is quite clear that this was a hateful situation driven by racism, that should never have happened, resulting in a man’s brutal death.

Here’s the story at The Republican Herald which includes all three affidavits and the DA’s press release.


3 thoughts on “Attempt To Distort the Truth About Luis Ramirez’s Death”

  1. It’s not illegal to hate someone nor even to hate an entire group. It’s not illegal to be angry because illegal alien work thieves have flooded your town. But it is illegal to beat someone until he dies. I hope these young men are punished to the fullest extent.

  2. Great way to distort the story! I’m impressed there are investigators, like Sherlock Holmes who wrote this article, around to save us from “big bad whitey teenagers.” It’s the right wing retards who are attempting to demonize any & every attempt made to fully expose the agenda to keep illegals in this country as well as bring in new ones. It’s said that when immigrants arrive – they bring some of their culture with them. Mexico is attempting to dump their ENTIRE culture on the US in an effort to overwrite it even as they turn affluent American neighborhoods into barrios where criminal elements thrive & wage war against the ppl who supposedly “stole” their land.

    Wake the fuck up & quit this bleeding heart crap! We already subsidize Mexico’s failure even as we suffer the loss of friends, family, & acquaintances through their inherent violent tendencies.

    1. You know what’s funny? Didn’t your peoples bring their culture here? Do you think the Native Americans celebrated Christmas. Don’t be ridiculous and think a little before you go on your bigotry filled tirades. I guess God made you the chosen one. Thanks for letting me know “how it is.”

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