Let Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa Change Your Mindset: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

The story of Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa may be a unique one, but his success need not be unique. With so many DREAMers who are constantly proving their intellect and determination we can copy this story many times over by giving them a chance. Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa Proves There’s No “Illegal” Immigration at Awearness Blog.

To Split like a Seed and Become a New at The Unapologetic Mexican. A poetic post on the seed that we are – over and over again. One must be prepared to endure the pain of splitting, and growing, if to become new.

A Navajo Peacemaker in Iran at Zuky. Makes sense. We are all citizens of the world after all. Seems too often we view others by their government rather than by the people themselves. Lou Dobbs Citing Extremists, Again at Hatewatch Blog. The evidence in this article is quite clear the Dobb’s is knowingly using hate group material in his broadcasts.

I was very happy to see Fash posting again – welcome back. Oh, the town is struggling?, on Luis Ramirez’s murder, and This is why our jail system is overburdened at Open Borders Lobby.

Latino bloggers host video chat to discuss the state of Latino politics and politicians at Latina Lista.

More on the Postville Investigation and the injustices there at Dream Act Texas. Also Electric Monitoring Device Worn by Voluntary Deportees.

A sad story at Immigration Equality BlogThe wait was long and some didn’t make it.

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1 Issue 19: McCain´s Desperate Ad Comparing Obama to Spears Makes Him Look Like a Grumpy Old Cryptkeeper at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Family Immigration Legislation Moves Forward, Immigration Songs!!!!!, The Oscar De La Hoya Family: A Classic Immigrant Story and La Bamba Obama.

Old Boy Network is alive and well at NBC- Luke Russert gets handed a job at Latino Politics Blog.

Latino Voters in Central Florida up for Grabs at Nuestro Voice.

Stopping Military Build-up In Afghanistan Key to Real “Change” and “Hope” and Of América’s Lovato Bashes Militarism on Meet the Bloggers at Of América.

Open Letter to the Open Left at Orcinus.

Arpaio racial profiling continue at higher levels.!!!!!!!!!!!! at Pro Inmigrant and New Hampshire said NO to a bill HB1614. NO; TO NEW ID SYSTEM TO ENFORCE FEDERAL RESPONSABILITIES.


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