Missing McCain – No Answer To The Sanctuary’s Questionnaire

When given an opportunity to send a clear message to voters not every candidate takes it. The Editors of the pro-migrant group The Sanctuary sent out a questionnaire to both Obama and McCain in hopes of securing a firm platform from both candidates on immigration, foreign policy and workers rights. While the questionnaire was returned completed by the Obama campaign McCain and his staff seemed to have written it off as a waste of their time. When calls were made to the McCain camp they placed a member of The Sanctuary on hold and eventually hung up on her. Nowhere in politics, driven by the people, should this be acceptable.

It’s worth mentioning that McCain has already lost support of the 80-20 Initiative failing to fill out a questionnaire they sent him. Largest Asian-American PAC Endorses Obama – The Huffington Post. Hopefully this isn’t a strategy McCain wants to repeat.

If McCain wants to show he’s willing to listen to the people he’d better start doing it now lest he have no chance at all. Given the momentum of the Obama campaign it’s baffling that McCain, or his staff, wouldn’t take a few hours to fill out this questionnaire. It’s both quicker and cheaper than putting together a commercial and guaranteed to have as big an impact.

C’mon McCain. We know you can do it.

Deadline passes and McCain campaign refuses to answer Latino bloggers’ questionnaire- From Latina Lista

Obama Campaign Responds to Quesionnaire on Immigration. McCain Camp Can’t be Bothered – From Vivir Latino

Obama Campaign RespondsS To Survey On Immigration Reform/Public Policy, McCain Campaign Silent – From CrossLeft

McCain still refusing to clarify position on immigration – From Migra Matters

Obama Responds to Immigration Policy Questions, McCain Avoids Them – From Standing Firm


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