Undocumented Migrants Do Not Run Identity Theft Schemes

Many falsely believe that undocumented migrants are identity thieves – as in criminals whose soul purpose is to bilk as much illicit money as possible. While some undocumented migrants do use false documents to gain employment that’s often as far as it goes. And it’s important to note that the documents used most often don’t belong to real people. This is something we saw in the recent Postville raid and trails where only one of the hundreds of cases involved a number that belonged to a real person. Even then the migrant in question was too busy working long hours at a meat processing plant to concoct a grand scheme to steal the person’s life.

I can’t say what brings many people to the idea that people living in extreme poverty somehow become criminal masterminds once they hit U.S. soil. Either they’re saying they see foreigners as evil or that merely stepping on U.S. soil makes these migrants greedy and evil like so many U.S. citizens. Of course not all U.S. citizens are greedy, but enough of us take for granted the many things we have which others couldn’t even dream of. Well, I suppose we understand how good we have it when we’re being scared into believing others want to take it by nativist anti-migrant groups like NumbersUSA.

So when you read this story on a recently busted identity theft scheme just remember who the real bad guys are. Let’s not be misguided into focusing our attention in the wrong place.

A recent story on a massive identity theft scheme should give you a better picture of what a real identity theft scheme looks like. One where the perpetrators don’t show up to perform arduous labor every day.

Massive Identity Theft Scheme Illustrates the Difference Between TRUE Identity Theft and Someone Making Up an SS Number so They Can Work! – Immigration Talk with a Mexican American
Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Americans are afraid of Identity Theft, TRUE Identity Theft not Migrant Workers using a made up number. The ANTI Immigration Reform groups are constantly misusing terms such as “Identity Theft” and “Amnesty” all in support of their agenda, to scare the American Public.
TRUE Identity Theft: Schemers, Spammers and Scammers are busy trying to gain access to your identity. eMail Scammers overload your emails with Spam just in case you slip up and give away access to your personal files. They want to set up a fake credit card in your name, gain access to your bank accounts and drop your credit score down to the single digits, all so they can enjoy the high life on your dime.

11 charged in connection with credit card fraud – International Herald Tribune

3rd UPDATE: 11 Charged With Massive Identity Theft – CNN Money

11 charged in massive identity theft scheme – Silicon Valley Business Journal


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