ICE: Creating Future Shame: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Critics Say ‘Scheduled Departure’ Is PR Stunt at Bender’s Immigration Bulletin. Go to BIB for links to the “Scheduled Departure” brochure and fact sheet.

DIY Deportation Plan Not Really Working at Vivir Latino. A little comedy in the video Don’t Deport Me Scotty.

Lies! Lies, I tell you! Liiiieees! on lies propagated by the anti-migrant crowd at Open Borders Lobby. I’ve tried listening to Gheen’s show, but it’s hard with all the lies and propaganda. Also check out some submissions for the Brickfish Immigration Illustration Scholarship.

Chinese American Experience, Part 1: Exclusion and The Driving Out and Chinese American Experience, Part 2: Wong Chin Foo at Zuky blog. These posts on Bill Moyers documentary series “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience” reveal the truth which is often hard to stomach, but it’s necessary to do so. As Kai states he brings us these posts:

not because I perversely enjoy revelling in victimhood but because this is the hard truth, this is what happened, and we need to look at it and ourselves squarely if we’re going to make things right in this country, not only for Chinese Americans but also with regard to the current wave of Latin@ migration which faces similar backlash from nativist reactionaries.

VIDEO: CNN Discusses Immigrant Murder in Pennsylvania at Standing FIRM. Also a post on the AlterNet article Both of my Grandfathers were Illegal Immigrants, Government’s New Strategy: Immigrants’ Self-Deportation and Obama Responds to Immigration Policy Questions, McCain Avoids Them.

9500Liberty: Taxes and Immigration, Sept. 18, 2007 at Anti-BVBL. “Stewart claims $3 million in an $850 million budget is not significant. Excuse me, wasn’t that the initial costs that the County identified as being attributable to illegal aliens?” Apparently the money isn’t significant unless you can attribute it to undocumented migrants.

Massive Identity Theft Scheme Illustrates the Difference Between TRUE Identity Theft and Someone Making Up an SS Number so They Can Work! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Also, we know that Chertoff cares little for any law that may get in the way of the border wall – “Come Hell or High Water, I´m Building the Fence!”

Italy Latest to Use Immigrants as an Excuse for Militarizing Streets at Of América.

E-Verify Would Make the U.S. Economy Worse at Dream Act Texas. Also The Secret is Getting Out: Some anti-immigrant violence never gets reported.

Tommy Tancredo Rides Again!!! Press Release: “Tancredo Asks Schwarzenegger to Cut Services to Illegals” at Immigration Prof Blog.

Rep. Ton Tancredo, an anti-immigrant advocate in Congress (and one time Republican Presidential candidate) who is not seeking re-election, released a letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on how to deal with the state’s budget crisis. His suggestion — kick undocumented immigrants out of the public elementary and secondary schools (and thus run afoul of the Supreme Court’s 1982 decision in Plyler v. Doe) and stop local government’s from adopting sanctuary policies.

Also at IPB Latest Research: Immigrants Don’t Hurt Native Workers and U.S. Military Killed Korean Refugees.

Latina Lista wishes longtime reader the best on eve of deployment to Iraq and Texas’ planned execution of Mexican national against World Court ruling further soils U.S. reputation abroad at Latina Lista.

A small victory in Postville – owners to be charged with child labor violations at Migra Matters.

Bill Clinton Sees Immigration Reform Under Obama Or McCain at Nuestra Voice.

Daily Headlines: August 6, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.


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